Jet Set: VBeauté Solves All Of Our (Beauty) Travel Woes

Flying someplace beachy and sunny for the weekend: amazing. Begging and pleading with an unsympathetic TSA agent to let us keep our precious (yet slightly oversize) skin care products: not so much. We understand safety and all, but bar soap just isn't going to cut it, when we're trying to feel all relaxed and pampered. Travel can wreak all sorts of havoc on your skin — all the more reason to have your trusted beauty products by your side when you are on the go. Problem is, most of our products aren't travel-friendly, and those see-through kits (or Ziploc bags) they make you put them in aren't exactly the prettiest way to store your stuff.
Entere, VBeauté. The brand is coming to our skin's rescue with The It Kit, a mini skin care system that is customizable to your specific skin type's needs. Each nifty kit includes everything you need to keep the dryness and dullness of "airplane skin" at bay: protecting serum, exfoliator, cleanser, moisturizing cream, and eye cream, all in refillable containers that are TSA-friendly and don't look doll-sized. No Ziploc baggies, no trashed products, and the ability to breeze right through security? VBeauté, you just made our weekend plans look even better.
VBeauté The It Kit, $165, available at Vbeauté
Photo: Courtesy of VBeauté

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