The Non-Basic Button-Ups Your Wardrobe NEEDS

Open anyone's closet and you're sure to find a certain key player: the button-up. C'mon, we all have at least one (if not dozens). It's arguably one of the most versatile pieces in a fashion person's arsenal. The quickest changes (a tuck here, a blazer there) can completely shake up the look your blazer's delivering.
But, we'd also bet money on the fact that the styles you rely on every day skew a bit ordinary. While there’s most definitely nothing wrong with a classic white button-up from Gap (it’s called classic for a reason), indie brands like Tradlands and Kule do you one better with unexpected color combos, patterns, and cuts. Click through to check out 11 of our favorite iterations and get ready for daily compliments from your cubicle mates.
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Cut slightly shorter and with a rounded collar, this Cos top gives the illusion of a tucked-in look without actually being tucked in.
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Is it one shirt? Is it two? It's both! This is the simplest way to achieve that effortless layered look.
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Give your traditional striped button-down a refresh with a 3/4 length dropped sleeve.
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At first glance, this plaid shirt seems basic, but the cropped silhouette gives it a fresh feel.
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Shirts with blazer-like features (note the double breast) are a nice alternative to a chunky jacket.
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Collarless can look just as sophisticated, with an interesting stripe.
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The three prints jumbled together here make this top an expert piece of pattern-mixing.
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Love your black button-down and your white one? Never choose between the two again.
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This may seem standard, but there's a twist! The buttons don't go all the way down.
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The clean collar, cool color, and Navajo-inspired embroidery dress this peasant top up for the office.
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Off-kilter buttons add instant visual interest to any getup.

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