Does This Start-Up Stack Up? Trainca.Se Lets You Crowdsource Your Friends For Beauty Advice

When it comes to choosing what we put on our skin, we don't listen to just anyone. With a few notable exceptions (hi, Emma Stone!) celeb endorsements and shiny ad campaigns rarely convince us to try something new unless someone we know and trust has tried it first — preferably, someone we're actually friends with. We've heard it plenty of times from you guys, too, that when you're looking to buy new products, it's the customer reviews — not the glossy mags or starlet shout-outs — that you trust.
Well, someone has finally caught on to the fact that none of us really buy something just because they tell us that J.Lo is slathering it all over her face, and instead have taken on a more practical approach. With the launch of Trainca.Se, you can now crowdsource your friends and read exclusively what they have to say about beauty products.
So, rather than buying a product and hoping it works, or randomly asking one of your friends if she has used it before, Trainca.Se allows you to see everything you and your friends have to say about the beauty products you're using, all in one place. At a glance, you can see your friends' top-rated products, their most recent reviews, product pictures, and more. While there have been plenty of sites aimed at user-generated reviews, this is the first we've seen that taps into your personal network to gather info and feedback on beauty products. We can't wait to start making smarter splurges, all with a little help from our friends.
Image courtesy of Trainca.Se

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