12 Barely There Sweaters To Throw On When The Sun Goes Down

At the start of every, oh, let’s say June for simplicity’s sake, there’s a sartorial swap. Turtlenecks, down jackets, wool sweaters, and all other forms of Polar Vortex armor are folded and stashed into closets, under beds, or, if I’m talking about myself here, in the home of a certain person who pushed me out 29 years ago. In their place come shorts, linen pants, a multitude of dresses, and again, if I’m talking about myself here, a different kind of sweater.

Imagine this: You’re at the beach with your friends, rosé in one hand, a chip dipped in hummus in the other, and you’re basking in the sun. You’ve surrendered your body to the sand beneath you, moving only when you need a refill or when you decide to rotate your rotisserie body. Sweat is pooling into your belly button and you swear you can see the hairs on your arms growing lighter. Then, suddenly, the sun disappears. You look up and a humongous cloud is standing in front of the sun like a oblivious parent blocking the TV. You wait for it to pass, but it’s not moving. If this were a Harry Potter movie, this is when the Dementors would arrive.

A breeze picks up, and your bleached arm hairs are sticking up out of goosebumps. You need a layer, but a hoodie is too warm, your towel too sandy, and your sarong too billowy. This, my frozen coladas, is where the different kind of sweater comes in: the Beach Knit!

It's a sweater that’s lightweight, often featuring an open knit that provides just the right amount of warmth for those moments when the sun ducks behind the clouds or decides it's time to call it a day. It's your layer for evenings around the bonfire, your cover-up for those arctic air-conditioned subway rides, the just in case sweater for when it gets a little chilly.

And since it's Friday and you’re watching the clock like it's the last class of the day, here are several beach knits that you’re probably not, maybe, definitely going to need this weekend, you know, just in case.

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