Cute Kitten Baffled By Window-Washing

By Lindsey Robertson
When you're a little kitten, the world is full of new discoveries — and some of those discoveries can be a bit baffling.
This kitten doesn't trust the sly window-washing rag one bit. He makes a valiant attempt to thwart the evil rag, which is brazenly cleaning his window without permission. However, it turns out glass windows can be a bit misleading... However, the kitten is not deterred by his lack of success and continues to show that rag exactly what he's made of. Sure, he may have to hop up just to see out the window, but that shouldn't make him any less intimidating!
The kitten's little sister takes a moment to point out to her brother one very important fact: His vendetta against the window rag is taking him away from valuable playtime. If he really wants to paw and pounce, there's no need to look outside the house. Perhaps playtime is more fun than vengeance after all.
This sort of rough play is very common (and beneficial) for young felines, as it helps to hone their "physical coordination and problem-solving skills," according to the ASPCA. If your kitten displays any sort of aggressive play towards you that results in painful bites and scratches, there are certain conditioning techniques which can help to discourage this sort of rough play with hands and feet. As for this little kitten, we're pretty sure he showed the rag who's boss.
Watch the full window-washing saga below:

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