Toddler Dancing With Her Dog Is Extremely Cute

Zoe is a rescue Basset Hound who loves to play — and who has the good fortune of hanging out with toddler Charlotte, who is equally energetic.
Neither of these two can believe how lucky they are to have such a playmate! Charlotte gets so caught up in the fun, she can't help but express herself in a delighted dance.
It's pretty clear that these two share that special, unbreakable bond reserved for kids and their pets. Because it's always a lovely thing when you find a friend who totally gets you.
Mom Amy Bruni says on her YouTube video that these two "are the best of friends and make me laugh on a daily basis."
Sweet Basset Hounds like Zoe can be adopted from Basset Hound rescues around the country. A list of these organizations can be found here.
Watch the full, squeal-filled play session below:

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