4 Friendly Dogs Whose Pals Are Super Random (& Not Dogs)

Dogs, everyone knows, are man's best friend. But, what if they've been befriending other species all along, too? 

Plenty of animal odd couples, as this New York Times article notes, are half-dog. It is probably no coincidence that many of the better-known animal pairings involve dogs, since they've honed the art of cross-species communication over millennia living with humans. There's even a safari park where dogs teach shy cheetahs to play. (Just marinate on the phrase "shy cheetahs" for a sec. and try to imagine any cuter thing existing. You can't, right?) The dogs are each housed with a cheetah, and since they are so adept at reading body language, they tend take a dominant role with their big-cat companions. 

Donna J. Haraway, a professor emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the author of When Species Meet, suggested that the dogs function almost as "social psychologists." 

Here are a few dogs and other animals who appear to be having a play date, by way of that modern-day Aesop called YouTube...

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