What To Do When Your Fake Tan Goes Wrong

There are a few things one should never do in the last few minutes before leaving the house. The first is apply liquid liner — you will smudge it under an eyelid. Call it Mercier’s law. The second is guzzle the last inch of your cappuccino before running out the door — beware the curse of the white shirt. And the third, and perhaps most capricious of them all, is the last-minute bathtub spray tan.

It seems innocent enough, right? Just a quick misting before tugging on your outfit, giving you an instant I-woke-up-poolside-like-this glow?

Fast-forward an hour or two and your face is about three Pantones darker than your neck, your back has more spots than a Sophia Webster sandal, and your palms have turned a delightful shade of default-emoji. And, to top it all off, the Sharpie-esque indelibility of the stuff means you’re stuck like this for at least two days. Joy.

Wish we could moral-of-the-story it here and say we learned our lesson the first time, but we have had our fair share of botched fake tans. And, with summer just a month away, we’re already fighting the urge to slather ourselves in St. Tropez. So, we decided to turn it over to the experts — we’re talking the people who give the Victoria’s Secret Angels their runway glows and celebrities the DHA treatment pre-red carpet.

Here’s how to un-botch a fake tan.

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