5 Genius Wardrobe Quick Fixes To Have In Your Back Pocket

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
By Meagan Wilson

Wardrobe mishaps, splashes, and spills have a funny sense of timing. You just sneaked backstage at Marc Jacobs, only to be greeted by a frazzled PA spilling coffee all over your white button-down. A party at the Westway sees a collision of cocktails meeting the front of your dry-fucking-clean-only silk dress. You landed an enormous job interview, only to spy deodorant marks all over your person whilst whizzing up to meet your fate in an elevator. Sound familiar?

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While we've previously schooled you all (and ourselves) in admittedly weird, should-be-old-wives-tales clothing cleaning hacks, Fashion Week had us wondering (in our best Carrie Bradshaw-inner-monologue voice): What happens when you're stuck in the wilderness (a cab) with nothing but your wits (a clutch crammed with credit cards, lipstick, and gum wrappers) about you? Answer: a little something like this.

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