How To Selfie Like A Supermodel

By Chelsey Burnside

When it comes to the weird, wonderful world of selfies (we know — the word still sends a shiver down the spine, doesn’t it?), the snaps tend to fall into a few different camps. There’s the Purposeful Selfie: a shot used to show off your surroundings/new haircut/the fact that yes, you have dragged yourself out of bed and are en route to brunch. There’s the Sneaky Selfie: the one meant to look as though a friend snapped it when it’s actually the handiwork of a discreetly angled selfie stick. (Note: scan room for reflective surfaces to avoid a “Bae caught me slippin’” fiasco.)

And, then there’s The Model Selfie: a meticulously art-directed, unapologetically hashtagged portrait of the sort perfected by the likes of Anna Speckhart, Alena Blohm, and Ashley Smith. These may be the hardest to perfect, firstly because, well, we're not models. But, after asking these ladies school us on lighting, angles, and filtering 101, we consider ourselves ready for a selfie session redolent of Kim K’s Super Bowl commercial. Warning: Use of such portraiture could result in an onslaught of Tinder dates, coffee-table book deals, and unsolicited messages from James Franco. Snap at your own risk.

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