Improve Your Basics Game With These 10 Wardrobe Upgrades

Now that the first two weeks of cheat days are over, we're ready to get serious about 2015. Really. We swear. Though our track record when it comes to keeping resolutions is as spotty as a Sophia Webster pump — which, may we add, was the purchase with which we broke last year’s “stop spending rent money on heels” resolution — there is one we know we can keep. 
Once a year, we comb through our closets, take inventory of the outdated, prioritize our purchases, and then write it all off as a work expense.* Are you ready for the Wardrobe Upgrade Resolution? Here’s our formula for a 2015-ready wardrobe.
*We wish.
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The "At Least My Phone Fits" Clutch
After a few too many nights out, our go-to clutch is looking a little worse for wear. Luckily this year’s tiny totes have already caught our eyes — and as long as we can jam our phones and a sample-sized tube of YSL lip stain in, we’re good. Unless you’re a proud owner of the iPhone 6 Plus. In that case, may we suggest a duffle?
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The "Basic But Not That Kind Of Basic" Pump
In the official Coveteur dictionary, "basic" is in no way a bad word. But, when it comes to everyday footwear, we’ve resolved to eschew the ordinary and opt for something a little more our style — think crocodile prints, geometric heels and metal accents. Because if there’s one thing we learned from the blink of an eye that was 2014, it’s that life’s too short for boring shoes.
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The "Job Interview Turned Drinks With Friends Who Work In Finance" Skirt
One thing we love about 2015? The line between fashion and workwear has never been so blurred. And, you don’t have to work for an avant-garde startup anymore either. Needless to say, office attire is no longer synonymous with a black pencil skirt and ill-fitting blazer. We’ll take this as a green light to sport an eye-catching Theory skirt and still mean business.
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The "Tommy Ton Would Totally Photograph Me In This, Right?" Coat
We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: if you skimp on your coat, you’ll regret it. Cut to you frantically unzipping your practical-yet-shapeless parka as you pass Tommy, screeching, “Wait! I swear it’s better underneath!” Which is exactly the kind of life lesson we mutter to ourselves as we invest in a little belted cashmere Bottega Veneta, with a side of quilted cotton Isabel Marant. That was what your financial planner meant by acquiring assets, right?
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The "I Swear I Can Wear This Anywhere But A Funeral" Cocktail Dress
Remember that Friends plot line when Monica buys a pair of seriously pricey boots swearing they’ll “go with everything,” only to find out they are unwearable foot-killers? (Side note: Another thing we love about 2015? Friends on Netflix.) That’s how we feel about every cocktail dress we’ve ever owned. We purchase with the best of intentions, only to wear it once and find that fatal flaw that banishes it straight to the back of the closet. Not this year. We’re on a mission to find that one dress that works as well under a blazer in a work meeting as it does paired with a Chloé cross body later that night.
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The "Fits My Work Laptop & Doesn't Look Out Of Place On A Date" Tote Bag
If you’re like us, you’re carting your work clutter to and from the office daily. And if we're really twinsies, you also conveniently forgot to take your laptop into account last year when you opted for the Céline Micro over the Mini. (Walking around with half a MacBook sticking out is neither a fashion statement nor practical.) But now it’s 2015 and we’ve learned our lesson: measure, measure, measure. It’s not an It Bag if can’t go from work to play — and, by that, we mean conceal your iThings while heading out for the night.
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The "Feels Comfortable, Looks Expen$ive" Flat
Take it from those of us who spend half the year slipping out of winter boots and into less-of-an-eyesore footwear upon office arrival — flats should never be an afterthought. Pick the comfiest pair and you’ll instantly feel like someone’s grandmother; pick the best-looking pair and you’ll end up with mangled toes. This year, we resolve to do our homework. And, by that, we mean walking a mile in our Kirkwoods.
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The "Wouldn't Look Out Of Place On A Nonagenarian Or In A Céline Campaign" Sweater Or Blouse
Since when do we have a thing for brooches? And were you also eyeing Grandma’s chunky knit sweater from across the holiday dinner table? We admit that the generation gap between our tastes in fashion is closing by the year. We’ll take it as a sign to invest in some serious cashmere (though we draw the line at the orthopedics).
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The "Yes, SLT Is Paying Off" Trouser/Pant/Jeans
As much as we wish we were Beyoncé and could exclusively wear boy cut panties and superfood sweatshirts, some of us actually have to put on pants in the morning. But even with the 50 shades of denim stacked in our closets, the clock struck midnight and all of a sudden we couldn’t help but hate every pair. Cue excuse to find our New Favorite Pants, 2015 Edition. Only caveat: they have to be just tight enough in the backside area to earn the title Perfect Pair of Pants.
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The "I'm Resisting Using The Word 'Bling'" Piece Of Jewelry
It’s 2015 and, like "selfie" and "twerk," that word officially belongs to our parents. But that’s not to say we’re giving up on large, shiny statement jewelry anytime soon. What’s a closet overhaul without a pièce de résistance, right?

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