Obsessed With Atlantic-Pacific? Step Inside Her Closet

After downing a much-needed beverage — wrapped in a monogrammed “B.E.E.” koozie, nonetheless — Blair Eadie gave us the grand tour of her newish NYC digs. And, yes, her Atlantic abode is everything you imagined her Pacific pad would be: Think bold striped citron accent walls, exposed brick fireplace, decorative antlers, mix-matched frames, baby cactuses, vintage trunks, and a bunch of well-curated coffee table books. But, really, would you expect anything less from her? This coming from the girl who was voted Best Dressed in high school, mind you. “Which actually validates I was the worst dressed person,” she joked.
And, while she’s a merchandiser by day — her 9-to-5 is the director of accessories at Tory Burch — it was evident that she certainly moonlights as one, too. There’s a reason the Atlantic Pacific ­blogger amassed quite the following. She’s got that whole I-just-woke-up-and-walked-out-the-door thing down to a science, mixing Chanel and Valentino with Zara and J. Crew proving you don’t need to be a trust fund kid to have sick style. Who else greets you at 6 p.m. in a nautical striped Arden B. crop top, cherry red faille A-Line Tibi skirt (she’s got it in multiple colors, FYI), black patent Loubs with nails done, hair done, and everything did? And, while her roomie-boyfriend doesn’t necessarily reap the benefits of Eadie’s, uh, spending habits — his closet has pretty much been annihilated by hers — he does know a thing or two about good gift-giving (read: vintage Chanel bags). He’s a keeper.
After going wild on the racks over-flowing in her bedroom, we got real with Eadie and chatted with her about everything from guilty pleasures (vending machines, McDonalds, and office supplies) to our mutual love for all things Tibi (like we always say, in Amy Smilovic we trust!).
The folks over at The Coveteur love playing to our voyeuristic side, and each week, the OG closet invaders will let us peek into the designer-laden digs of their — and our! — favorite tastemakers. Just one warning: The lust-worthy displays may cause an undying impulse to hang your jewels on your kitchen sink’s faucet. Now, let the swooning begin!

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