Cue The Jealousy: Peep Tabitha Simmons' Must-See Wardrobe

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    The folks over at The Coveteur love playing to our voyeuristic side, and each week, the OG closet invaders will let us peek into the designer-laden digs of their — and our! — favorite tastemakers. Just one warning: The lust-worthy displays may cause an undying impulse to hang your jewels on your kitchen sink’s faucet. Now, let the swooning begin!

    We popped by Tabitha Simmons’ townhome in Chelsea, which — just as we suspected — was filled with a sea of Simmons’ signature creations. The stylist/editor-turned-footwear designer (and Vogue contributor) is an obvious industry and personal favorite, so it was a dream getting to know the girl behind the brilliant soles. Her converted home is a real work of art that combines Simmons’ palatable love for quirky prints and her husband's (renowned photog Craig McDean) love for elegance and charm. In light of the shoot, Simmons received an oversized shipment — fresh off the production line — of her spring collection. We gingerly pulled back the paper to reveal the contents, and with little hesitation, got right down to business — along with Simmons, who got in on the Coveteur process.

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    From her luxurious bathroom, complete with a chandelier and claw-foot, to her children’s circus-themed bedroom, Simmons’ home revealed plenty of unexpected surprises. One thing we weren’t shocked to see? A closet filled with Simmons' style eye-candy. We even got a little lesson in T.S. 101: Did you know that woven into those custom floral prints are carefully hidden T.S initials? (Now go play “I Spy” with your shoes.) Simmons’ collection of McQueen was also a real sight to see and a sweet tribute to both her friendship with the iconic designer as well as her English roots. After picking Simmons’ brain and scouring her closet, one thing was very clear. Her shoes are a true reflection of her character: thoughtful, interesting and beyond amazing.

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