30 Healthy Buys From Your Favorite Store (Target, Duh)

Photo: Courtesy of Target.
You love Target; we love Target (no seriously, we really love Target), and we don't care who knows it. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Target is home to everything you could possibly ever need. Designer clothes? Check. Chic furniture that doesn't cost a fortune? You got it.

And when it comes to your well-being (and sanity), your favorite retailer is always here to save the day. So it's probably not a surprise that Target is actually home to all of all your health-related needs, too.

If you regularly stock up on your local store's $12 leggings and $15 sports bras, you already know what we're talking about. But beyond that, Target really does have everything you need for a workout.

From yoga mats to running shoes, we've put together some of the best health-related buys you can get from Target. Who says workout gear has to be expensive? Click ahead to see some of your favorite store's best-kept secrets.

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