Our All-Time Favorite Holiday Movies — Plus 9 Style Lessons

One of the great comforts of the holidays — besides seeing loved ones, feasting on delish dishes, and exchanging thoughtful trinkets — is curling up at the end of a jam-packed day with a giant cup of hot cocoa and your Christmas flick of choice. Whether you go for the emotional impact of It's a Wonderful Life or the high-strung hilarity of Elf, there's probably at least one favorite film you reach for around this time of year. We updated our Netflix queue to prep for a weekend of movie-watching, and realized that some of our most-loved movies have some super-helpful style tips hidden among all those other life lessons. These nine titles have beauty tricks, covetable costumes, and styling secrets you'll want to incorporate in your arsenal ASAP — and we dug them all up for you.
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It's A Wonderful Life

In Frank Capra's time-honored tearjearker It's A Wonderful Life, Donna Reed's demure, ladylike style quietly steals the show. She makes us want to invest in doily collars and anything with tiered ruffles.

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It wasn't just a surprisingly good singing voice that made us love Zooey Deschanel in Elf — her complexion is so glowy and radiant, you almost forget the questionable blonde tresses.

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Love Actually

This is one of our all-time favorite ensemble cast movies. Period. And definitely one of our favorite warm-and-fuzzy flicks (Liam Neeson running through the airport with his kid, anyone?). And actress Martine McCutcheon's wardrobe stylist knows a thing or two about flattering curvy figures. The key to copying her look? Pick one bold color and go all out.

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Miracle on 34th Street

We've never fully mastered the half-up, half-down 'do, but Natalie Wood and Maureen O'Hara provide plenty of elegant inspiration in Miracle on 34th Street.. And that bobby pin thing doesn't look impossible to recreate, from here...

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The Holiday

Not the rom-com type? Never mind that — Cameron Diaz's winter coat collection and cozy weekend-away wardrobe in The Holiday are definitely worth a look. Oh, and there's Jude Law. (And actually, we fell in love with Jack Black in this movie, too! Anyone else?)

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White Christmas

When Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye team up with Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen in White Christmas, there are plenty of razzle-dazzle musical numbers to keep you humming along. But we love the costumes — those ladies sure know how to work a midi skirt.

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When Harry Met Sally

We think Meg Ryan's awesomely-'80s wardrobe in When Harry Met Sally is vastly underappreciated. She pulls off strong-shouldered jackets, Annie Hall-worthy hats, and menswear-inspired styling with her trademark quirky grace.

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The Family Stone

You might not want to emulate Sarah Jessica Parker's character in The Family Stone — she's kind of an uptight, fussy, stick-in-the-mud — but her style is top-notch. We love the sleek ballerina bun, the perfectly tailored coats, and the elegant pumps.

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Bridget Jones' Diary

Oh, Bridget Jones — how we adore you. You of the ill-advised bunny costume, the blue soup, and the unsound romantic decisions. If there's anything Bridget Jones' Diary teaches us, it's that having a good attitude and a healthy sense of humor are just as important as a great outfit.

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