Tap forward to learn about my life with sugar daddies.

What's the difference between sugar babies and escorts?

Sugar babies have an emotional connection to their sugar daddies, making it a less straightforward exchange.

Sugar Daddies Don't All Look Like Movie Stars

I was so naive — I thought sugar daddies were older, but handsome and wealthy. I had been talking with this guy, and I was shocked when he sent me a photo. I told him I wasn’t interested, and then he got angry.

Negotiating The Arrangement Wasn’t Easy

I went on dates with a lot of the men who didn’t want to give a monthly allowance. They basically want to give you money when you see them, but on a continuous basis. I wanted a sugar daddy who was like a boyfriend.

How Much Do I REALLY Make?

I probably have gotten at least $100,000 within four years. This past year alone, I got at least $40,000 or so.

Younger Daddies Are Less Willing To Spend

They feel as though they don’t have to give you money or gifts because they’re more desirable that the older men on the sites.

How I Met My First Sugar Daddy

It was a website, maybe SugarDaddyForMe.com. He was younger than the first man, maybe in his late 30s, and he was a lot of fun. He was very handsome. Our arrangement lasted two years.

What Happened With That Sugar Daddy?

I would ask him for money for specific things like my nails, my hair, shopping, my phone bill, and he wouldn’t want to give me money. I’d say, 'We met on a sugar daddy site. You’re supposed to give me money.' He probably gave me $500 every time I saw him.

Then I Found Out He Had Other Sugar Babies

It made me upset, actually, despite knowing he was married. Nothing made him satisfied. Not his wife, not me. I overanalyzed it a lot. What can you do, though? You just have to focus on the money aspect of it.

How I Met My Long-Term Sugar Daddy

I met him on MissTravel.com, which was a site that’s for traveling together. He lived in Florida and we Skyped a few times. Our first meeting was in a penthouse suite. He gave me $1,200. I went to bed, and he was gone when I woke up in the morning.

The Fights Were Always About Money

Sugar daddies get to a point where they feel like we’re so deep into a relationship they shouldn’t have to give me money anymore, but I think the opposite. If you care about me, you’d want to take care of me.

There Are Basically Three Levels Of Sugar Babies

Spoiled girlfriend is when you’re basically in a real relationship with an older man who takes care of you. He’s your boyfriend; you’re going to meet each other’s families and friends.

Why I’m Not A Rinser

Rinsers are girls who give men the expectation that they’re going to sleep with them, get everything they can out of the guys, and ghost them. I never do it, because it’s almost like scamming.

I Became A Spoiled Girlfriend Using Tinder

I just swiped right on older men. I swiped right on this doctor without having sugar expectations. But he kept telling me that he wanted to take care of me, and I was like, “Does he want a sugar relationship?”

Eventually, I Asked For An Allowance

After five dates, when he asked me to be monogamous with him, I asked him to give me an allowance. The first month I asked him for $5,000. We ended up being together for a year. He would just give me an envelope of money every month.

Why Did That Relationship End?

He was cheating on me. He basically wanted me to be his girlfriend and still take care of me, but I had to let him see other people. It was such a betrayal to me. That was my last sugar relationship.

I Stopped Sugar Dating & I’m Trying To Be More Independent Now

I date regularly now. I don’t expect them to fully finance my life. I think for the sake of your mental health, you shouldn’t depend on someone financially and emotionally, so when things end, you’re not losing so much.