Are You Being A Jerk At The Nail Salon?

Tap forward for the 10 most common questions about manicure etiquette.

Is It Rude To Talk On Your Phone?

In a word, yes. Jin Soon Choi, owner of Jin Soon Natural Hand & Foot Spas in NYC, says that she prefers you limit conversations to emergencies only.

If The Manicure Chips Immediately, Is It Okay To Request A Touch Up?

"I think a one day chip clause is pretty much implied with the service," says manicurist Whitney Gibson. Some salons have a price for touch ups, but if they don't, it's polite to tip a couple dollars for their time.

Should You Tip When Getting Gel Removed?

"I think you should tip for most services you receive," says Gibson. Many nail techs rely on tips. "It doesn't have to be a lot, but to me, it's mandatory," she adds.

If You Don’t Like Your Color, Can You Ask For A Do-over?

Yes, but speak up ASAP. Patricia DePina, a nail tech at Bliss Spa, says to evaluate and say something after the tech applies the first coat to the first nail or two. Choi adds that it’d be a nice gesture to tip a little extra, should you decide to switch.

How Do You Deal With Getting A Mani-Pedi When You Have A Cold?

Start by washing your hands — duh — and inform your manicurist that you have a cold, so they can behave accordingly. Keep tissues within reach, and to cover coughs and sneezes with your elbow.

Should You Tip Extra If You Were Late To Your Appointment?

If it helps you feel better, go ahead, but it’s not strictly necessary. However, a phone call in advance is helpful, so the salon can best accommodate you and other clients.

Should You Tip The Same For Buff Mani?

“If you’re satisfied with the service you received, you should tip accordingly,” she says. “Also, it may take the same amount of effort to buff the nails as it does to polish them.”

What's The Best Way To Make Sure Your Salon Follows Rules And Regulations?

Thanks to recent investigations, we know that cheap manis aren't good, and good manis aren't cheap. "Ask the salon owner or manicurist how they disinfect tools and if all manicurists are licensed," Abramcyk suggests.

Know What You Have On Your Fingers Going In

There are different removal processes for each polish type (think gel, Gelish, Shellac, acrylic, etc.). Not all nail salons are equipped to deal with all these different types of nail enhancements.

Finally, don’t be a jerk.

“I occasionally see some clients treat their technicians disrespectfully because they think they are entitled to do so,” says Choi. “This really saddens me and is demoralizing to the technician.”