This Iconic New York Food Is About To Take On New Meaning

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Say so long to brownies, space cakes, and other marijuana-infused baked goods.

The edibles reminiscent of college dorm parties are taking a backseat to cannabis cuisine that is emerging with a fancier fare in mind.

It's pretty much a fact that a warm, homemade bagel — fresh lox, a smear of cream cheese, tomato, red onion, capers, the works — can move mountains (read: cure hangovers) on any given Sunday morning. For carb-loving New Yorkers, Sundays are about to get way more chill.

In a flight of whimsy, one bagel shop is infusing said slices of salmon with marijuana.
Though the salmon at Rosenberg's Bagels looks like any other you would pick up from a Kosher deli, this one has actually been cured for 72 hours in a mixture of salt, sugar, dill, lemon, and yes, a cannabis tincture. The creation is neither obnoxiously skunky nor green in color, but it will definitely get you high, as Grub Street reported.

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Of course, the THC-infused salmon came about as an experiment on 4/20, but the Denver-based shop's owner, Josh Pollack, has found that the surrounding excitement comes from not only its novelty factor, but its differentiation as an edible.
While traditional edibles like candies or baked goods can leave people completely unable to function for an entire day, the two ounces recommended for a bagel or bialy contributes to a "nice, mellow high," which may be ideal for wake-and-bakes.
Pollack's initial plan was to roll out the cannabis cuisine in time for "stoner Jews" to celebrate the upcoming "High" Holidays (pun intended) but has run into difficulties surrounding packaging and the legal servings of marijuana in each.

Though not yet available for sale, the bagel joint intends to sell the weird, wacky, but to-be-desired product for a price that's cheaper than a bagel at Russ & Daughters: "$12.50 for a nice portion that also happens to get you stoned for several hours."

Rosenberg's THC-infused salmon may be one of the first on the menu for fancy cannabis cuisine, but it's far from the last. While we can only hope for a five-star marijuana-themed restaurant (for date nights!) in our short future, I'm sure we'll settle for pizza with a pot-stuffed crust available for delivery.

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