29 NSFW Gifts For Your Lover, Your Friends, Or Yourself

'Tis the season, so gather 'round, kids ages 18 and up, because your NSFW fairy godmother has a very sexy holiday gift guide for you. All year long, I have the distinct pleasure of receiving and testing sex toys. As I've geeked out over modular vibrators, accessorized with USB-rechargeable vibrating necklaces, and dared to sample salted-caramel-flavored lube (actually delicious — read on), a handful of products have risen above the rest. And, in an industry that now attracts some $15 billion a year in global sales, the field is crowded. Aided by the anonymity of internet shopping, the sex-toy industry is even projected to reach $52 billion in revenue by 2020. Bring on the options!

You likely wouldn't buy a sex toy for just anyone, but for that open-minded friend, your lucky sexual partner(s), or most important of all, yourself, the following list is both naughty and so nice. I'm hoping you even get some bedroom ideas you haven't considered yet. Prepare to be the coolest friend/lover in your circle — and get ready for some not-so-silent nights of your own.

No matter whom you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Fun Factory.
Miss Bi is a powerhouse, with a rounded shape and curvy tip designed to love up your labia, clit, and G-spot when fully inserted. The shorter shaft is ideal for those who prefer shallow to deep penetration.

Fun Factory Miss Bi G5 Silicone Vibrator, $149.99, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Fun Factory.
The Stronic Drei pulsates rather than thrusts for an uncannily authentic intercourse-like sensation. Ribbed for her pleasure.

Fun Factory STRONIC DREI, $199.99, available at Fun Factory.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Fiera.
Fiera is not a vibrator, and it's not supposed to get you off. Instead, its suction draws blood to your clit, prepping you for sex — not unlike how Viagra ups genital blood flow in men. Until the FDA approved flibanserin, the first drug that works on women's sex drive by altering brain chemistry instead of hormone levels, earlier this year, suction was the only FDA-approved method of increasing arousal in women. With Fiera, research-backed suction is available via the internet (not only by prescription). If you consistently find yourself wanting to want to have sex, this could be the best present you ever give yourself.

Nuelle Fiera Arouser For Her, $250, available at Fiera.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Womanizer.
Coyote Days, product and purchasing manager for Good Vibrations, describes Womanizer best. "Womanizer: I know, I know. The name. The décor. All of it. But this item is unique in its stimulation and rocking the worlds of many of our customers, [with] pinpoint external clitoral stimulation [and] a sucking rather than vibration sensation. The orgasm is intense and sudden." If you're interested in seeing what suction can do for your clit, Womanizer is a little less expensive than Fiera and a lot more effective than your toilet plunger.

Womanizer Womanizer Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator, $189, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Eva.
The darling Eva, a clitoral stimulator with arms that nestle in your labia, was created for hands-free use so that your hands can do...whatever you'd rather do than hold your clitoral stimulator in place.

Dame Products Eva, $105, available at Dame Products.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Wicked Sensual Care.
If you're thinking ew, let me assure you that I thought that, too. Until I tried this. It's yummy. Promise. (It's also flavored with stevia rather than sugar, so have no fear of yeast infections. Did I gross you out again? Safety first.)

Wicked Sensual Care Aqua Salted Caramel, $10.99, available at Wicked.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Mystim.
Electrical stimulation isn't for everyone, but those who like it love it.

Mystim Tickling Truman E-Stim USB Rechargeable Realistic Dildo Vibrator, $164.99, available at Lovehoney.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Sensuva.
A deeply sexy hint to your male partner about what you plan to do to him later. (Men, note that it may be presumptuous to gift this to a partner.)

Sensuva Deeply Love You Throat Relaxing Spray, $17.95, available at Sensuva.
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Photo: Courtesy Of We-Vibe.
We-Vibe's most flexible iteration yet is app-enabled for custom vibration patterns and long-distance play.

We-Vibe Classic $149, available at We-Vibe.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Sportsheets.
You'll learn shibari one day, but for now, enjoy bondage made simple.

Sportsheets 5 Piece Hog Tie & Cuff Set, $36.99, available at Sportsheets.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Sportsheets.
Sportsheets' under-the-bed restraint system is brilliant. This single product can make the most minimalist bedroom feel like it was designed by Christian Grey.

Sportsheets Under The Bed Restraint System, $76.99, available at Sportsheets.
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If you have penetrative sex and haven't yet experienced the joys of a vibrating penis ring, please do not wait any longer to discover them.

WonderLand Pleasurepillar Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring, $38, available at Good Vibrations.
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A good time doesn't need to be expensive. This cheery little vibe is waterproof, so store it next to the tub for easy access during a bath or shower.

Babeland Water Shimmer, $22, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy Of OhMyBod.
This app-enabled, G-spot-focused vibe is a high-tech fix for lovers looking to get close even while far apart.

OhMiBod blueMotion Nex 2 G-Spot Bluetooth Remote Vibrator, $129, available at Good Vibrations.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Hitachi.
When it comes to my toys, I am a power queen, and if I were stuck on a desert island for the rest of my life, the Magic Wand would be the one thing I would bring. This wonder of modern engineering belongs in everyone's drawer: There's nothing as powerful on the market, and as of this year, it's finally cordless. (And yes, it also gives a great back massage.)

Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable, $124.95, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Say It With A Condom.
Two words: custom condoms. And you thought candy hearts were romantic. (If you're at a loss for words, these "Netfl!x And Chill" condoms are pre-designed and very relevant.)

Say It With A Condom Custom Label Condom, $2 each for 10 pieces, available at Say It With A Condom.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Revel Body.
Whatever you think of the writing in Fifty Shades of Grey, its branded line of sex toys is quality. This collection from Revel Body includes the powerful, uber-versatile Revel Body ONE, sturdy yet comfy cuffs, and a pair of double-sided satin/faux-fur blindfolds (repurpose them as sleep masks after sex).

Revel Body and Fifty Shades of Grey Official Pleasure Collection Fifty Shades of Grey Handcuffs, Blindfold and Revel Body ONE Sonic Vibrator, $109, available at Revel Body.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hot Octopuss.
Women aren't the only ones who enjoy vibration. As clinical sexologist Megan Andelloux put it to Good Vibrations, the PULSE is "a sex toy that loves all the cocks in the world. Soft, hard, able bodied, disabled, transitioning — it delivers pleasure to all with its carefully crafted design to hug around versus sliding in." The DUO version comes with a remote control and added vibrating stimulation area, so that clits can get in on the fun.

Hot Octopuss PULSE II DUO, $99, available at Hot Octopuss.
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Photo: Courtesy Of PenelopiJones.
Okay, you don't technically use this product during sex (though you can certainly wear it during the act), but tell me this ring isn't badass. It's also Gloria-Steinem-approved — need I say more?

PenelopiJones The Clitoring, $122, available at PenelopiJones.
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Again, had to sneak an accessory into the mix, because this purse is dripping with power. Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve; drape a classy rendering of your labia on it instead.

DAMNsel Original Pussy Pouch, $345, available at DAMNsel.
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Photo: Courtesy Of Bijoux Indiscrets.
Subtract sight from your play to intensify sensation with this silky-soft, completely adjustable blindfold.

Bijoux Indiscrets Shhh — Blindfold, $15.50, available at Bijoux Indiscrets.
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Photo: Courtesy of LELO.
Designed for internal wear by a woman during intercourse, TIANI 24k features two motors and a ring of 24-carat gold. If that's not quite fancy enough for you and your boo, you can also get it engraved. Quel luxe.

LELO TIANI 24k, $199.50, available at LELO.
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Photo: Courtesy of Crave.
Surprisingly powerful for its size, the petite Duet features two different-sized tips that offer a range of sensation combinations.

Crave Duet, $149, available at Crave.
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Image: Courtesy Of Babeland.
This perfect little package includes a Silver Bullet vibrator with a Bunny Tickler attachment, two AA batteries, and two BabeLube lubettes.

Babeland Orgasm in a Box — Hers, $25, available at Babeland.
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Photo: Courtesy of Lovehoney.
Flogging can seem intimidating to the uninitiated (the name doesn’t help), but it doesn’t even need to be painful at all — though it can be, if that appeals. Floggers are often described as "stingy" or "thuddy." Those with few and/or narrow tails produce a biting sensation ("stingy"), while those with thick and/or more tails feel weightier against the skin ("thuddy"). Suede is a smart in-between material for either gentle or intense play, depending on how it’s wielded. Research technique first if you’re a newbie!

Bondage Boutique Intermediate Thick Suede Flogger, $30, available at Lovehoney.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kama Sutra.
For those nights when you decide to have dessert in the bedroom.

Kama Sutra Chocolate Raspberry Lover's Body Paint, $13.99, available at Kama Sutra.
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Photo: Courtesy of Early2Bed.
These elegant, stainless-steel anal plugs may be the most enjoyable on the market. They also happen to be totally gorgeous. If you haven't yet ventured into the world of anal pleasure, you owe it to yourself to give it a try (start with the small).

Njoy Plugs, $60, available at Early2Bed.
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Photo: Courtesy of Chakrubs.
Maybe you don't buy into the whole crystal thing and doubt that green aventurine can "help release old patterns, habits and disappointments, so new growth can take place," as the maker of this green-aventurine dildo claims. That's fine. Stone dildos are old-school (really old-school — a 28,000-year-old stone phallus was discovered in Germany 10 years ago), but that's part of their charm: Smooth, cool, and weighty, they're a lovely alternative to man-made materials. Plus, you could even display this on your mantel.

Chakrubs The Original Indian Jade, $150, available at Chakrubs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sybian.
I haven't tried the Sybian (yet), but at this price point, I assume it would replace my boyfriend. The vaginal insert both rotates and vibrates, and if penetration isn't your thing, the Sybian's clitoral attachment might be. If you're willing to pay up for what users say are the best orgasms they've ever had, please tell me all about it after.

Sybian Sybian Package, $1,345, available at Sybian.
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No matter whom you're shopping for or what your budget is, Refinery29 has all the holiday picks you need right here.

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