Have Brunch At Home With This Egg-Tastic Hack

By J. Kenji López-Alt

A couple of weeks back, a friend of mine asked me on Facebook how to poach a large number of eggs for a brunch party. I used to be afraid of poached eggs. Back when I was a working cook in Boston, I'd have to head into the kitchen of the fancy-pants restaurant where I worked at the crack of dawn to start preparing breakfast for the Beacon Hill bigwigs who came in expecting perfect poached eggs and hash cakes. Over the course of several weeks, I got pretty damn good at poaching eggs to order in a giant hotel pan stretched across two burners. But, man, would I love to have a time machine so I could show former me what current me knows.

Here's a secret: When poaching eggs, you don't have to cook them to order. In fact, you can poach them up to five days in advance, with no loss in quality. Not only that, but it takes just two minutes and zero skill to take those eggs from fridge-cold to liquid-yolk-ready-to-serve once brunch begins.

Here's how you do it.

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