Get Gorgeous Second-Day Hair Without Dry Shampoo

While second-day hair looks fantastic on plenty of people, a good portion of the population needs some intervention for things to look (and feel) as good as freshly washed locks. That's why we all thanked the beauty gods when we were first introduced to dry shampoo. It was the hair equivalent of a magic wand — and we were convinced it could solve just about any hair need.

But lately, we've become a little disillusioned by our once favorite product. Why? There have been reports that it's actually not all that great for your scalp. Plus, a lot of people hate how dry and chalky some formulations leave their strands. And then, there are many hair types that don't jibe with this "miracle" product.

So how are you supposed to revive your hair (sans washing it) on day two if you're not a dry-shampoo person? Have no fear. We've rounded up a bevy of alternatives that are meant to make your strands look like new each and every morning — without lathering up. Click through to meet your new saviors.

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