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This Video Of Trash Turning Into Toys Is Inexplicably Mesmerizing

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If the world is just too much for you these days, allow us to suggest watching this soothing video of garbage (yes, actual garbage) rhythmically being transformed into brightly colored toys. While we can't promise that these Earth-friendly gadgets will obliterate every cosmic ill, the sight of discarded milk jugs slowly melting and merging with yellow or blue dye definitely helps. Plus, it's excellent motivation to keep separating your recyclables.

The story begins at a processing plant, where towering rafts of plastic bottles are shredded and cleaned. Next, the shards are turned into pellets and sorted for their color (how else would they make battalions of aviation goggles-wearing, sapphire bears, or classic, banana-hued taxi cabs?). Once the plastic is heated, it's pressed into molds that create the toys, no glue, paint, or screws required. And if it brings you joy to know that these whimsical products help to lessen the human impact on our environment, just wait for the satisfying sight of the pieces for each train or helicopter firmly clicking together as the assembly line quietly hums along.

Watch the video above for the full, indisputably gratifying process. We swear you'll never look at your humble milk containers the same way again.

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How Recycled Toys Are Made VideoReleased on February 23, 2017