These 30-Second Tricks Will Make Your Coffee SO Much Better

Photographed by Daniel Castro.
If you're a coffee lover, you probably already have your coffee routine down pat. And if you're taking it with you on the way to work, you don't want anything too complicated. But if you want to step up your no-fuss coffee game, there are plenty of tricks that don't require a ton of effort (or take precious time when you need to rush out the door). For example, changing up the way you store your coffee can make a difference — using an airtight container will keep beans fresher, longer. And opting for filtered water could be the difference between a good home-brewed cup and a great one.

We've rounded up some of the best tips for better coffee, ranging from flavor swaps to brewing techniques. The best part? All of them are super easy! You don't need to invest in fancy equipment to make great coffee at home. With these tricks, you won't even be tempted to spend $4 on a latte.

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