The NYC Couple Redefining Flower Power

Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
Darroch and Michael Putnam know that when it comes to flowers, a little bit can go a long way. The husband-florist duo, who opened their namesake floral arrangements company in April, have since designed bouquets and installations — in their signature vintage, romantic aesthetic — for the likes of Vogue, Samsung, and the CFDA. The line between flowers and fashion has never been so fine.
Based on the Lower East Side, the Putnams (who fell in love at — wait for it — Trader Joe's), know that, as much as a little bouquet of flowers can brighten up the tiniest, darkest of apartments, it can also be a major feat getting a little garden to grow in the middle of a city. Thankfully, these creative geniuses have all the answers to get those flowers blooming. Ahead, Darroch Putnam dishes on the ins and outs of the flower industry. And if you don't have a green thumb? Well, add Putnam & Putnam to your speed dial, and they'll have bold, beautiful statement flowers at your stoop in a New York minute.
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
How and when did you two meet?
"We actually met in line at Trader Joe's in Los Angeles six years ago. We had seen each other a few times before and I think we both made an effort to get in line behind each other. Every Valentine's Day, TJ's hands out these stickers that say 'I fell in love at Trader Joe's' — this always make us laugh."
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
Were either (or both) of you always interested in floral design?
"Since we first met, Michael has shown a borderline obsession with plants and flowers — literally touching and smelling every plant we'd pass. Everything I know from flowers I've learned from him and continue to learn more every day.

"Michael's background is in interior design, and mine is in photography. Our flower journey began last summer when Michael started assisting some of the city's top florists. I couldn't help but shoot everything he created. That was definitely the beginning stages of our brand together."
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
So when did your company officially launch?
"Officially, Putnam & Putnam was launched in April of this year, and has been expanding quickly since. And, we recently launched a new delivery site for the New York metro area."
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
Tell me about your vision and design aesthetic for creating arrangements.
"Lush and romantic — we like to work with the flowers in an organic way with beautiful color stories. We lean towards dusty antique palettes and interesting textures. Our favorite thing to do is transform spaces with large-scale installation — that's where our true talents show."
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
What are five tips for growing flowers and/or plants in a New York City apartment?
"We are always watching old Martha Stewart video tutorials... Here's what we have gathered:

1. Don't over-water your plants. Most only need to be watered every couple of weeks... especially succulents and drier climate plants.

2. Any sign of roots growing over the soil indicates the plant needs a bigger pot.

3. Unless you have large windows and good light exposure, save yourself some grief and only purchase low-light plants.

4. Any yellowing or dead leaves likely mean the plant needs to be put in a sunnier or warmer spot.

5. The ideal plants for NYC apartments are Snake Plant, Begonias, Jade, Pothos, Philodendron, and Fig."
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
How would you describe the relationship between fashion and flowers?
"Hand in hand! We are so inspired by fashion and current trends — the slew of floral prints over the past year have literally made us giddy!"
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
Speaking of trends, what's happening in the flower world this fall?
"Color-wise, we have been seeing a lot of deep reds and chocolates coming into the market. New varieties of Dahlias are abundant and are the perfect bold statement for any arrangement. Also, interesting grasses, especially in lush, deep greens and purples, add an autumnal, foraged look."
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Photographed by Ricardo Rivera.
What would you say are the most romantic flowers you can give someone?
"Nothing beats a beautiful garden rose."

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