The 20 Most Popular Places On Earth, According To Instagram

From ancient temples to scenic parks to feats of modern engineering, certain attractions always seem to make travelers' must-see lists. Which sites are the most popular? There's no better barometer than Instagram. That's why we tapped our pals at Insta to provide us with a list of the 20 most-geotagged locations in the world — the places that rack up the most snaps on the planet. Sure, there were some predictable tourist traps. But there were also plenty of surprising locales that we'll be adding to our travel bucket lists, stat. Ahead, we're counting down to the No. 1 most 'grammed spot. Your vacation awaits.
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Photo: Via @fra_pau_chino.
20. The Dubai Mall, Dubai
If you build a shopping mall, they will come — and they will take pictures and post them on the internet. Dubai's massive shopping plaza (it's the size of 50 football fields) boasts some 1,200 shops, a 250-room luxury hotel, 120 restaurants, an aquarium and underwater zoo, an ice rink, and a theme park. Boredom is not a thing here.
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19. Siam Paragon, Bangkok
In Bangkok, travelers and locals alike head to Siam Paragon — one of Asia's largest shopping centers. Inside, you'll find loads of designer boutiques (Hermes, Chanel, Dior, and Kenzo, to name but a few), sprawling food markets and dining halls, traditional Thai art galleries, and a 15-screen multiplex theater.
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Photo: Via @alexasuter.
18. Bellagio, Las Vegas
The infamous Bellagio Las Vegas is the only hotel to appear on Instagram's top 20 list, which is no small feat. Don't miss the nightly fountain show; it's a true Vegas spectacle.
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Photo: Via @samuele31051994.
17. Piazza Duomo, Milan, Italy
Milan's wondrous Duomo Cathedral is the focal point of this popular public square, which houses an array of cultural attractions and monuments. It's no wonder people love taking photos of it.
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Photo: Via @840am.
16. Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
Madrid's Estadio Santiago Bernabéu stadium is a frequent check-in point among football fans. Opened in 1947, it holds a whopping 85,000 people and remains one of the world's most prestigious football venues.
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Photo: Via @italian_food.
15. Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
The most famous public square in a country that's famous for its public squares. Piazza San Marco (known simply as "the Piazza") houses charming open-air cafes overlooking some of Italy's most remarkable ancient structures, including St. Mark's Basilica. Watch out for the birds!
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14. East Side Gallery, Berlin
The famed East Side Gallery — the largest open-air gallery in the world — blankets the Berlin Wall in unique murals.
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Photo: Via @aliakabloody.
13. Colosseum, Rome
Rome's Colosseum is among the most recognizable (and most ancient) attractions in the world. That's enough of a reason to pause for a photo opp, but the fact that it is truly spectacular doesn't hurt, either. We love the way this 'grammer chose to do something a little different.
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Photo: Via @108_beisbol.
12. Wrigley Field, Chicago
How gorgeous is Chicago's Wrigley Field at sunset? (And who would've guessed that Instagram's most geotagged locations would include not one but two American baseball stadiums?)
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Photo: Via @saintproofs.
11. Nevsky Prospect, Saint Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg's main thoroughfare remains one of the top snapped spots in the world, with most of the city's best restaurants and shops clustered right on (or right off) the main drag.

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Photo: Via @cntraveler.
10. Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
Seeing snaps of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco never gets old. We love the way this one juxtaposes the bright bridge and blue sky against the heavy fog.
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Photo: Via @amyfenn.
9. Park Güell, Barcelona
Visitors to Spain's second-largest city flock to Park Güell, which features the works of famed architect Antoni Gaudí.
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Photo: Via @nielshak.
8. Vondelpark, Amsterdam
Sure, the Red Light District gets all the publicity, but Amsterdam's lovely Vondelpark is a true must-see. Even in the winter, visitors can be seen strolling through the park, snapping the scenery — and the local residents, like this gray heron.
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7. Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo, Brazil
Brazil's Parque Ibirapuera is a top spot for camera-toting fitness enthusiasts. But you don't have to participate in the activity to appreciate the energy.
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Photo: Via @ellamarisel.
6. İstiklal Caddesi, Istanbul
Istanbul's İstiklal Caddesi street is known for its array of shops and roaming alley cats. How could you not stop to snap a pic of this cutie?
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Photo: Via @tuurisha.
5. Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles
You don't have to be from L.A. (or a baseball fan) to appreciate Dodger Stadium — especially in springtime.
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Photo: Via @yuriy_marchik.
4. Red Square, Moscow
It's easy to see why people love snapping pics of Moscow's Red Square. The architecture is crazy photogenic, while the square itself has a rich and complex role in Russian history: It is home to Lenin's mausoleum and the cathedrals and palaces of the Kremlin.
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Photo: @julia_ehmann.
3. Eiffel Tower, Paris
Yep, the Eiffel Tower is certainly a sight to see. Bonus points if you can squeeze the carousel into your shot.
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Photo: Via @jihyun_13.
2. Tower Bridge, London
No trip to London would be complete without a shot of the iconic Tower Bridge.
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Photo: Via @garganoenza.
1. Times Square, New York
Bright lights, big city. It's not much of a shocker that Times Square in New York City is the most photographed spot in the world. And since local residents avoid it like the plague, tourists with cameras pretty much own the place. Go wild!

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