Does How Often I Have Sex Affect My Birth Control's Efficiency?

By Chelsea Perugini

Someone asked us: I’m currently using Nexplanon as a contraceptive. My fiancé was deployed for nine months and recently came home. Since he’s been gone for such an extended period of time, I haven’t had sex. I know that Nexplanon is highly effective, but I was curious if not being sexually active for so long and then having unprotected sex could cause the birth control to fail.

Good news: Frequency of sex doesn’t change the effectiveness of your birth control. Whether you’re throwing a no-pants party every day or just once in a blue moon, you’re protected — as long as you’re using your birth control correctly. When it comes to the birth control implant, that means making sure you get it replaced every three years. The implant works by preventing ovulation and changing cervical mucus so sperm can’t swim through to the uterus. Ongoing methods of birth control (like the implant, the IUD, or the pill) don’t have any idea how much or how little sex you’re having — they just keep doing their job.

And, you’re right about the birth control implant being highly effective. You chose a magnificent method!

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