Is My Pubic Hair Irritating My Partner...Down There?

By Kellie  Spilman

Someone asked us: So, I recently started having sex with my boyfriend, and he got this rash on his genital area (not an STD; he and I both got tested when the rash appeared) that was red and bumpy. The doctor said something was irritating my boyfriend's genitals. We both got to thinking: Could it have been my pubic hair irritating him? I don’t shave or wax or trim or anything — I just don’t see the need to, and my boyfriend doesn’t care.

Thanks, I know I couldn’t ask my parents this question (talk about awkward!) 

First off, y’all are totally on top of it by going in to get tested immediately. Well done!

Genitals of all varieties can be quite sensitive, so there could be a few things going on. He can check his underwear and make sure it’s soft and well-fitting (not too tight). Irritation can also happen when there isn’t enough lubrication — either during vaginal or anal sex, using your hand on his genitals, or masturbation. So, it may help to add extra lube during any of those activities. It’s also possible that it’s some sort of allergy to a fabric, soap, or scented product.

But, we can’t diagnose a medical condition on the Internet. If the rash doesn’t go away, he should definitely go back to a doctor to get it checked out. A dermatologist (a doctor that specializes in skin issues) may be his best bet. Hope he feels better. 

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