Can Weight Gain Or Loss Affect My Birth Control?

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
By Kellie Spilman
Someone asked us: Can losing (or gaining) a lot of weight affect your birth control hormones? Sorry if it's a silly question. I have an implant but I recently lost 30lbs (in a healthy way, I might add!) and I’m just afraid my implant might have moved.
First off: No question is a silly question. That’s what we’re here for!
The implant works for people of all shapes and sizes. So, rest easy: You’ve got one of the most effective birth control methods on the market.
When correctly inserted, the implant sits just under the skin. The tissue there keeps it from moving. It’s really unlikely that an implant will move, and if it does it’s usually a small amount and happens shortly after it’s inserted.
While it’s doubtful that your implant has moved, if you can’t feel it and you’re really worried, you can always talk to your doctor. They’ll be able to confirm it’s still in place and doing its thing. And, even if it did shift a bit, the hormones should still protect you from unintended pregnancy.

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