How I Found The Perfect Pair Of Black Jeans For My Body

Photo: Courtesy of Pandora Sykes.
Something strange: before this post, I didn’t own a pair of black jeans. Had positively hundreds of blue pairs. But somehow no black. At least, not before J Brand flung these Seriously Black ones into my lap.

, you may implore, when they are pretty much a vital component of the modern lady’s wardrobe, did I not own a pair? My answer was thus: None of them were good enough. Oh I’ve bought them alright (and worn them once before passing on to a friend), but none of them were fitted enough on my petite calves without being too tight on my rather larger thighs; or they were fitted on my ass but too tight across my hips.

Perhaps they were too low, or too long in the groin. In short, I find jeans — particularly black jeans — incredibly hard to buy. Like most women, my body is a mixed bag of parts, some bits of me are smaller than others. It can be hard to find something that accommodates that (hardest part: bikini. Size 8 on top, Size 14 — according to the latest bikini I acquired, incidentally their biggest size, which makes me think that they aren’t accommodating their customer as well as they should be — on bottom. Confusing much?)

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Photo: Courtesy of Pandora Sykes.
Yes, confusing. Bodies are confusing — when it comes to clothing them at least. But jeans shouldn’t be. I think with J Brand's Seriously Black Collection at Selfridges I might have found what I’ve been holding out for.

First up, the Maria in Seriously Black. I’ve never been one for anything other than a very "skinny" leg, with black jeans, but these ones fit over boots with aplomb. And next, the Skinny Mid-Rise: At this point in life I’m realizing that my girth needs a little help from a mid-rise (super supportive, stretchy legs, hurrah). If they’re good enough for Kate Moss (and they are, guys) then they’re good enough for me.

What is it about your favorite black jeans? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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