News Flash: Your Favorite Restaurant Is Gross

Saying that New York City is a little grody is kind of like saying that grass is green (not that there's much grass here). And while we do our best to keep mice, bedbugs, and ex-boyfriends out of our apartments as much as humanly possible, we hope expect our favorite restos to ensure our eats are as contamination-free as possible, but, as you can imagine in the city of the "dirty-water hot dog," that's often not the case. Chances are you've seen a letter grade from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene posted in the windows of restaurants across the city, but even if your favorite haunt brings home an A, that definitely doesn't mean that there's nothing dirty going on. In fact, an eatery can take home an A even it has as many as 13 health code violations, a B can have 14-27 violations, and a C? Well, let's just say that a quick inspection of the New York Time's interactive health violations map revealed a restaurant with a whopping 65 violations. Um, gross. Click here to check out the map for yourself, and see how your favorite places rank. Chances are, you're dining amongst mice, spoiled food, unwashed hands, or all of the above (and more!). (New York Times)
Photo: Via New York Times

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