Erica Domesek Talks Her Fave Eats, Latest Projects, & DIY For Days

1Photo: Courtesy of The New Potato.
On a quest for the next big thing in the food industry, sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann have begun the journey with The New Potato. Profiling chefs, restauranteurs, and celebrities alike with cuisine questionnaires, the world of dining has reached a whole new level of delish. This week, the ladies get craft with Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This.
Can one really make killer flower arrangements from flowers purchased at a deli? Surprise surprise, Erica Domesek of hit DIY site P.S. – I Made This has it covered. Domesek has been making us feel highly unproductive from day one, crafting basically everything from scratch while telling her readers how she does it. This time around, she’s shown us how to make your average deli flowers into beautiful arrangements for any host, hostess or guest. P.S. — We’re way into this…
The New Potato: What would be your ideal food day?
Erica Domesek: "Breakfast: an egg wrap with avocado on a gluten-free wrap with Frank’s hot sauce! Lunch: Caesar Salad and my mom’s matzo ball soup. Dinner: roast chicken for two, possibly with some Rice Krispy Treats and/or some fresh strawberries too!"
TNP: What’s you drink?
"Tito’s gimlet"
TNP: How do you always start your day?
"By checking Instagram, and reading Need 2 Know. Then I shower and throw on Today."
TNP: What inspires you to start a new project?
"Travel, shopping, window shopping, perusing magazines, and street style – when my eyes are simply open."
TNP: Have you crafted decorations for a dinner party? What do you make?
"Always. Entertaining is my favorite. Flowers are my favorite. I love doing arrangements! I’m also a big fan of laying out interactive DIY things for people to make when they are over. I love a takeaway."
TNP: Can you give us five tips to making “deli flower” arrangements?
"1. This arrangement I did was all about monochromatic holiday opulence. Yes, I got that from a deli.
"2. Pick four to five items in the same color hue. Chose one large bloom (I went with cabbages), smaller flowers, and fillers (like the pine).
"3. I start with the larger stems and then fill in as I go.
"4. Trim the leaves and measure for the vessels. I usually get creative with my vessels and repurpose things like coffee mugs and jars.
"5. With my floral clippers, I trim down and place in the vessel. When doing a monochromatic theme, you can place in a random pattern, just diversifying the overall collection of stems to give it a full and scattered feeling, that actually comes all together since they are in the same hue.
"Also, don’t feel like you can’t have stems overflow. It’s all about embracing the natural shapes and beauty of each stem from our homegirl, Mother Nature!"
3Photo: Courtesy of The New Potato.
TNP: What’s your most recent homemade fashion project?
"Actually, today I am planning on making a belt for my wool coat because I lost it last season. I came into the studio searching for navy bouclé wool. Stay tuned…"
TNP: What’s your most recent homemade home project?
"I recently just made a coffee table out of two acrylic trunks and used a sheepskin throw to cover. I also just added green graphic panels all over my walls that I made out of an amazing wallpaper. It looks just like malachite."
TNP: If you could craft something for one person in the world, who would it be? What would you make?
"I would build a house…and it would be for me! (Sorry, I’m selfish)."
TNP: What’s the ultimate dinner party faux-pas?
"When you don’t have enough food, fresh flowers and/or dessert!"
TNP: What do you always bring to a dinner party?
"I love baking. I make next-level treats. Sometimes cupcakes that look like spaghetti and meatballs, bagels and lox, or turkeys!"
TNP: What do you always put out when having one?
TNP: What won’t you travel without?
"Two phone chargers, sharpies, headphones, and lots of jewelry — like, way too much."
TNP: Is there anything you can direct us to make in three to five directions?
"Everything! I believe that things shouldn’t be more than five steps. Everything on P.S. — I Made This is all about creating stylish moments that don’t take a long time and are for every level of DIYness."
1Photo: Courtesy of The New Potato.
TNP: What are five great “homemade” gifts for the holidays?
"Two-Tone Sunglasses, BFF Bracelets, DIP DYE Napkins, Geometric Tray, Earbud Taco."
TNP: What’s a great homemade holiday decoration?
"Ribbon Garland." TNP: What are five things you’re loving right now?
"1. Our new PostMark collection of cards and invitations. They make me want to have a party on the regular.
"2. My Wool and the Gang winter knit hat that was made just for me with my initials.
"3. 3-D Printers by Makerbot. I made tons of ornaments with Microsoft for the holidays
"4. Conscious Commerce. My friends Barbara Burchfield and Olivia Wilde just launched a new company that is an experiment in living (and shopping) with a conscious.
"5. The guys who sell Christmas trees, tinsel, and nutcrackers on my corner. I really wish I could bottle them and have them there for more than one month."
TNP: What are your favorite NYC and Los Angeles restaurants?
"In New York City, ABC Kitchen and ABC Cocina (Dan Kluger is a very good friend and he spoils me), Maialino, Pylos, and Lil’ Frankies.
"In Los Angeles, Gjelina Take Away, Barnyard, Craig’s, Hugo’s, Sunnin (amazing Kabobs — and a Larry David reference, too), and The Bigg Chill (the best ice cream).
TNP: In the same vein as ‘what is the new black,’ what is ‘the new potato’ of crafting? In other words, what’s the new thing?
"Well, I dont know if it’s the new thing (since it’s actually about old things), but right now it’s all about Collective Nostaligia. Projects that evoke a “throwback” memory cause a level of excitement that is so genuine, it’s like a party for your temporal lobes, which is part of your cerebal cortex (responsible for memory). Sometimes I get all Dr. Domesek up in this place. If I said friendship bracelet, tie-dye, patches, embroidery… you would get a high and extra excited to make something (of course with our help and inspiration). It is comfort with a twist that gets audiences excited. Lisa Frank, what? Neon paint, what? Exactly."

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