Blogger Bryanboy Dishes On His Fave Foodie Cities

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On a quest for the next big thing in the food industry, sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann have begun the journey with The New Potato. Profiling chefs, restauranteurs, and celebrities alike with cuisine questionnaires, the world of dining has reached a whole new level of delish. This week, the ladies lend us Cat Cora's insane chocolate cake recipe.
Bryan Grey Yambao — aka Bryanboy — has been blogging since way before The New Potato was even a seed of an idea. We (and everybody else in the world) covet absolutely everything he wears, and one could say he was one of the first when it comes to personal style blogging (something that can’t be said of many). His outfits are to die for, his personality is infectious, and his restaurant choices are right on the money — could we ask for more? Start your day with some swagger and style.
The New Potato: What would be your ideal food day?
Bryan Grey Yambao: "A banana and apple for breakfast, lunch at home (grilled chicken delivered by my local Vietnamese restaurant) while in my pajamas, and dinner (spicy beef salad followed by red snapper) at Indochine."
TNP: What’s your drink?
"BluePrint lime, ginger, lemon, and agave juice in the morning, water for lunch, and a lychee martini and vodka soda at night. Detox then retox in twelve hours!"
TNP: How do you start your day on a good note?
"At least four hours of sleep, a Venti Americano from Starbucks with no sugar or cream, and Marlboro Lights."
TNP: What’s your afternoon snack?
"I love late lunches and I’m not really a big fan of snacking. Therefore, none."
TNP: What’s always in your fridge and why?
"I can only blame Seamless for ensuring my fridge is always empty. No joke! I literally have two bottles of Sancerre and a bottle of Kettle One — perfect for a night cap. Home-cooked meals are rare (and a luxury) in my apartment. I save them for special occasions."
TNP: What are you favorite places to travel to?
"Stockholm for shopping, Istanbul for the sights, and Bali for vacation and personal pampering."
Untitled-2Photo: Courtesy of The New Potato.
TNP: Your other must-reads besides your own site?
"I’ll be honest — Instagram and Twitter killed all forms of site-hopping. I can’t remember the last time my laptop gave a website a unique pageview."
TNP: How has the web changed since you launched?
"When I first started my current site,, in 2004, the word “blog” was not a dirty word. In fact, most people had no clue what a blog was. Fast forward almost ten years later, and every living entity on this planet, my mother and my five-year-old niece included (I was shocked when she joined Instagram at four years old), is an online content producer. We truly live in a digital age."
TNP: What won’t you travel without?
"In this order: wallet, cellphone, laptop, camera, toothbrush, and toothpaste."
TNP: Your go-to airplane outfit?
"I usually wear a black crewneck cashmere sweater with a cotton t-shirt underneath, cropped Acne leather pants, Celine calf hair “Vans” style sneakers and and Acne leather jacket."
TNP: What are your vices?
"Asian food and cigarettes. Trying to quit with the latter, I promise!"
TNP: If you could pick one other person in the world to switch closets with, who would it be?
"Anna Dello Russo, hands-down. I’ve been to her apartment, excuse me, apartments, in Milan and boy oh boy, she’s something else. The furs, the jewels, her collection of haute couture blazers and jackets…her tranny box is a fashion maniac’s wet dream!"
TNP: The most memorable event you’ve ever attended and why?
"October 2012, Carine Roitfeld’s Ball in Paris to celebrate her collaboration with MAC Cosmetics. That was a bloody glamorous party. Mario Testino screamed at me “I love your furrrrr!”; I shook my booty with Haider Ackermann and danced with the legendary Azzedine Alaia; I saw Rachel Zoe bolt out the door after being sprayed with champagne by a drunk reveler, among other things. It was a fun night."
Untitled-3Photo: Courtesy of The New Potato.
TNP: Five things you’re loving right now?
"Black Balenciaga cut-out boots, my ribbed wool Fendi sweater with striped mink fur paneling on the front, Givenchy's Bambi neoprene sweater, tulips from Whole Foods, and La Prairie Cellular Power Charge night cream."
What are your favorite cities for food? Where do you go to in each?
"Singapore, is, hands down, my favorite city in the world when it comes to food. Eating is a national past time and I’m amazed by the culinary delights there. I’m a huge fan of Hainanese Chicken Rice and I always go to Tian Tian at the Maxwell Road Hawker Center for my fix.
Bangkok has some really good food, but believe or not, I’ve had some of the best Thai food of my life in Sydney [Australia]! I love Spice I Am restaurant in Surry Hills. I’m obsessed with their crispy pork belly. I certainly wouldn’t mind having that as my last meal on this planet.
I’m not really a huge fan of Italian food, simply because my taste buds are not sophisticated enough to recognize subtle flavors. What can I say, I like my food tasty! I’m forever traumatized by the lack of excellent food options in Italy and I go there several times a year. Perhaps it’s unfortunate that most of the restaurants I’ve been to in Italy are mediocre — maybe I need a proper guide! Though I digress: I love, I mean, love the Linguine Vongole at Carbone here in New York City."
TNP: If you could have a dinner party, with any five people living or dead, who would be there? What would you cook (or order in)?
"Nan Kempner, Diana Vreeland, Andy Warhol, Ryan Gosling, and Naomi Campbell. I’ll serve spaghetti, chicken wings, and a lot of champagne."

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