This Is Our Jam: Burial, St. Vincent, And HAIM Get Remixed

TIOJ_01Clockwise, Above From Left. Photo: Courtesy of Loma Vista; Columbia / Polydor; Souterrain Transmissions; Chance the Rapper.
December isn't known as a time for new music. Writers are wrapping up their year-end lists and musicians, like the rest of us, tend to take it easy in light of the holidays. So, it comes as a pleasant surprise that this week has so many new, quality tunes. We've got tracks from St. Vincent, a debut single from EMA's sophomore record, and an odd (but awesome) HAIM remix. There's also a new collaboration with Chance the Rapper and Justin Bieber that's actually...quite good. And, Burial's latest EP, Rival Dealer, just got dropped out of nowhere and is blowing our minds.
St. Vincent
"Birth In Reverse"
Anyone hoping for a more pop-oriented sound from St. Vincent's major-label debut is going to be disappointed. "Birth In Reverse" is a spiky New Wave with provocative lyrics and a hectic, Oingo Boingo-reminiscent bounce. In press materials, she said, "I wanted to make a party record you could play a funeral." Sounds about right.
Back in 2011, EMA released the fantastic Past Life Martyred Saints. "Satellites" is the first taste off her new record, The Future’s Void, set to drop early next year. Featuring compressed guitars and an industrial thump, the track is as intense and awesome as an ardent admirer could hope for.
"Forever (Giorgio Moroder Remix)"
One of the more unusual remixes of the year comes to us via the L.A. pop group, HAIM, and the legendary producer, Giorgio Moroder. True to form, Moroder employs synth arpeggiators and roboticized vocals for a driving disco track.
Justin Bieber
"Confident (feat. Chance the Rapper)"
One of the this year's most exciting records came us via the Chicago upstart, Chance the Rapper, in the form of Acid Rap. Since then, Chance has gone on to build a tidal wave of buzz, collaborating with the likes of James Blake. This time, "Confident" features Chance teaming up with the Biebs (doing his best Drake impression) for a woozy R&B track. It may sound like an odd pairing, but similar to everything else Chance has been a part of, it's pretty great.
"Rival Dealer"
Without pomp or fanfare, mysterious U.K. legend Burial just announced that a new EP would be dropping next week. The title track, "Rival Dealer" has the haunted quality that Burial is known for, with the addition of some uncharacteristically hectic percussion. Any new release from Burial is a big deal, and "Rival Dealer" doesn't disappoint.

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