This Is Our Jam: Frankie Rose, Cults, And A Weird One From Mount Eerie

As you may be aware from the weekend hangover that has just now subsided, Labor Day is over and it is now, for all intents and purposes, fall. (No one goes by the actual calendar definition do they?) This means that a bunch of great new albums are on the horizon. To wit: We have tracks from Brooklyn chanteuse Frankie Rose, Chicago's synth-pop duo Casimer & Casimer, a low-key track from Cults, and the new video from rising R&B star Banks. Last, please enjoy a new one from Keep Shelly in Athens, whose Balearic-leaning pop is equally at home in crisper weather and a new autotuned(!) song from Mount Eerie.
Frankie Rose
"Street of Dreams"
Frankie Rose may have been in every band ever at one point or another, but as a solo artist, she's at her best. "Street of Dreams" is subtle and, yes, dreamy. It's also one of the more beautiful tracks she's written and bodes well for her new album. (We've heard it. It's excellent.)
Casimer & Casimer
"O Sweet Joe Pye"
Mixing electronic pop with Belle and Sebastian-like earnestness, Casimer & Casimer hits those feelings of youth and nostalgia right on the head. "O Sweet Joe Pye" is sweetly upbeat and reminds us of days when we were more interested in stomping puddles in galoshes than reading about things on the Internet.
"High Road"
"High Road" is a remarkably restrained track from retro-rockers Cults. It's also one of its most casually pleasing, with an understated refrain that's characteristically sticky nonetheless.
"Waiting Game"
Produced by SOHN, "Waiting Game" is an arrestingly new track from the Los Angeles singer. Banks is destined to be big (she's opening for The Weeknd), and this "Waiting Game" suggests the hype is justified.
Keep Shelly In Athens
Greek outfit Keep Shelly In Athens is proving it does widescreen synth-pop as good as anybody these days. "Flyaway" is another gorgeous track from the band's upcoming record and has us yearning for a much-needed trip out to nature.
Mount Eerie
“Lone Bell (Pre-Human Ideas Version)”
Wistful, autotuned, and supremely weird, "Lone Bell (Pre-Human Ideas Version)" is Phil Elverum as we've never heard him. The track is probably a demo, but even a throwaway or unfinished experiment from the Mount Eerie/Microphones mastermind is better than most will ever be capable of.

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