Hygge Is The Hair Color Trend We're Still Talking About

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2017's biggest hair color trends were not at all what we expected. Blame America's latest obsession with the Danish concept of hygge, because this year was all about warmth and comfort, with soft coppers, rich browns, buttery blonds, and creamy oranges poised to take the hair world by storm.
Even Riawna Capri — the colorist who keeps Jennifer Lawrence and Julianne Hough in icy platinum shades — told us that the looks were far from cool. "Out with the ice and in with the warmth!" she says, "2017 is going to bring back the sun, with golds, bronzes, and buttery tones!" Her partner in L.A.'s Nine Zero One salon, Nikki Lee added: "The big one this year is going to be red!"
Cherin Choi, DTLA's resident cool-girl colorist agrees, calling out a "light, golden toffee blond" as one of her top looks of the year. Meanwhile, NYC's "in-the-know" salon/studio hybrid Hairstory is cranking out sunset-peach hair like we've never seen before.
So cozy up and click ahead for plenty of inspiration — and the details your colorist needs to get you the exact looks.
This story was originally published on January 20, 2017 and has been updated to reflect this growing trend.
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Photo: Courtesy of Meche.
A mix between auburn and brown, this hue is rich, luxe, and unapologetic glossy. Think of it as a deep and inky take on bronze — with a kiss from auburn. Okay, that was cheesy, but this color isn't. This beauty was done by Chris Greene, a colorist at Meche in L.A.
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A touch richer, with more red tones, this enviable hue was done by Christine Silverman. She calls it a "cinnamon fade" and created it in one step by warming up old highlights with an earthy red gloss.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nine Zero One.
Lee is responsible for this take, a slightly cooler — but still neutral in tone — version of aubrown. It's perfect for those with dark hair that can't be bothered with touch-ups.
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Holli, a hairstylist in Houston, created this look by "applying her base (Goldwell Top Chic 10ml 5N 30ml 5B 20vol), Bbalayaging the ends and lifting them to a perfect level 7, then toning the ends with Goldwell Colorance 6RB = 7RB," according to her Instagram caption.
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Sun-Kissed Cinnamon
Not to be cheesy, but there's a tone trend brewing that we can't help but describe as a "kiss of cinnamon." It's a deliberately warm and brassy take on highlights that's, well, the exact color of the popular spice.

L.A. colorist Cassondra Kaeding describes this look as a "dark, golden cinnamon blonde." To get the color from your stylist, ask for a mix of gold and copper with a pinch of red, she says. "This color is great for almost all complexions. If you love this color, but are worried that your skin tone is too warm, just add a shadow of a deeper root."
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Warm and soft, this shade of cinnamon will grow out beautifully — with no commitment — on deep brown hair.
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Looking for major dimension? Go several shades lighter and keep the color on just the ends. This look is best achieved through hand painting or the tease-then-color technique used to ombré hair (your colorist will understand the references).
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Bored of one-dimensional blond but don't want to go too much darker? Go for an infusion of warm cinnamon lowlights for major depth.
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Photo: Via @mizzchoi.
"Deep and spicy auburn hair color serving warmth on cooler days," Choi described of her dye job: rooted red.
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Photo: Courtesy of Kari Hill.
Buttery Blondee
'It' blond colorist Kari Hill crafted this golden, buttery hue — a perfect upgrade for anyone looking to warm up their blond while maintaining natural-looking color.
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This buttery shade of blond — done in a bleach-and tone style normally reserved for white-hot platinum — is a fresh update to one-color hair. L.A. colorist Daniel Moon toned the hair warmer for the modern update.
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Finland-based hairstylist Sofi added some warmth to the roots, which allowed this otherwise sandy hair color to look completely natural.
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Photo: mechesalonla/Instagram.
At Meche Salon in L.A., colorist Sarah Conner created this gorgeous warm blond, complete with a smudge of brown at the roots to make the grow-out process even easier.
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Celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri recently added LeAnn Rimes soft blond highlights to the top layer of hair, while leaving the roots and under layers a little darker to keep it as natural-looking as possible.
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Photo: Courtesy of @florido.
Get comfortable, because bronde is here to stay — but the newest versions are richer, with caramel tones and a warm, almost auburn base. Here, Florido (yes, that's Justin Beiber's mane man) crafted this enviable look.
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Celebrity hairstylist Marcia Hamilton describes this tone as somewhere between caramel and toffee. No matter what sweet superlative you prefer, there's no denying that it's insanely flattering on medium or dark complexions, like her client Tinashe.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cherin Choi.
Choi calls this one "light, golden-toffee blond ends over natural auburn hair" — the perfect example of an on-trend take on bronde.
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Photo: Courtesy of Capella Salon.
L.A. colorist and stylist Shai Amiel turned a color correction into the perfect example of toffee — warm and rich, with buttery notes placed just at the ends. The result is a sweet take on a trend that grows out with ease.
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Earthy, yet sun-kissed, this flattering shade of toffee works as well in spring as it does in fall.
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Photo: Courtesy of Spoke & Weal.
You already know about blorange — the cheeky mix of orange and blond that's been sweeping Instagram. Is it really that different from rosé hair? Depends on who you ask, we suppose. But we especially love this sombré take from Spoke & Weal colorist Glen Coco Oropeza.
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This washed-out orange look by colorist Tasha Spencer leaves plenty of room for visible roots.
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Photo: Courtesy of Hairstory.
Hairstory has been the leader in churning out the cool orange hue. We love this version shown, but there are tons more options here (for the edgier set) and here (for those with a corporate day job).
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We're partial to this vibrant, classic take on peach-meets-pink hair, from Australia's trendsetting salon The Fox & The Hair.
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Photo: Via @hairbyelisajohanna.
But if you're looking for something a little softer, try this soft peach Balayage from stylist Elisa Luomala in Finland.
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There's something almost gilded about the way that the pink and orange fuse together in these curls.
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Photo: Courtesy of @abbyandree.
Organic Reds
Sit back and wait for the reds to roll out — because everyone's talking about them this season. This iteration is everything we want: vibrant but natural looking, and super shiny with tons of dimension. Let's hope they all look as good as this version, created by Abby Andree.
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Photo: Courtesy of Nine Zero One.
Nine Zero One colorist Tabitha Dueñas calls this look "bronzed copper" — and we call it downright gorgeous. Into red that still works for every part of your life, including an office job? Bring this picture to your stylist.
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Take your natural brown up a notch with a little red infusion to the ends. It adds dimension and looks killer in the sunlight.
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