1 Piece, 2 Ways: How To Wear A Peplum Skirt

We all have days when a fitted dress or skinny jeans don't quite...fit. In those I'd-rather-be-in-a-sweatshirt moments, I turn to peplum.
I already own a few peplum pieces, but have been on the hunt for a skirt since last season. So, you can imagine my excitement when I found this designer red skirt at T.J.Maxx for half of what I would spend at a department store.
I work in River North, Chicago's gallery district that's inundated with creative and business types. So for an outfit that's chic and professional, I'm going monochromatic and wearing a pink blouse and a coral handbag. When it comes to mixing and matching brights, pairing pieces in the same color family is a simple rule that'll make your ensemble look instantly in sync.
Today, I'm headed to a casual restaurant in River North called Hub 51, so to play down the dressiness I'm pairing the peplum skirt with a striped T-shirt. Any patterned shirt would work in this situation but I like that the stripes lend a nautical vibe.
Since the skirt is already such a statement piece, I'm keeping my accessories to a minimum with just a few bracelets and a chunky gold necklace. Finally, here's just one more must-have for your spring accessory list: a gold tote. The one I'm wearing here is easy to carry around and matches with my accessories perfectly.
P.S. If you want to show off your own style, tag your T.J.Maxx find with #Maxxinista on Twitter or Instagram for a chance to win a $1,000 gift card. Find out more here.
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