Don't Go To The Bay Without These S.F. Staples

There are certain pieces that are wardrobe essentials for everyone (like these three closet staples), but I propose that every locale has its own style flavor or a uniform if you will. So, while it's a bit presumptuous of me, I venture to propose my breakdown of the San Francisco Uniform.
Sure, this basic style could apply to any number of regions outside of the Bay, but those of us living in the City know all too well that the lack of seasons and abundance of micro-climates mean we can be found sporting petty much the same style all year-round.
You have to be ready for whatever weather you might encounter from the sunny Mission District to the cold and foggy Outer Sunset. And while there's a huge range of options on any given day, I think these basics sum up the essentials and capture the spirit of our fair city. So, before your next trip to our humble city, make sure to pack these S.F. essentials.

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