What Lucie Fink Learned After Practicing Self-Care 5 Different Ways

When it comes to daily self-care routines, everyone has their own style. One person might hear their alarm, hit snooze once or twice (okay, maybe three times), and roll out of bed to apply only the essentials (like a dewy foundation and her go-to deodorant) before running out the door, while another might wake up early and promptly start her 10-step beauty routine — while sipping on her morning turmeric tea, of course. While, sure, there's no right way to go about your morning, R29's very own Lucie Fink wanted to see how the people closest to her lived their best lives and whether she should be turning their daily ways into habits of her own. Check out the video, and tell us what you'd like Lucie to give a try in the comments section below.

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