13 Things Every New Yorker Needs To Boost Her Morning

Any self-proclaimed night owl will tell you that waking up bites. Apart from that first blissful cup of coffee, our mornings generally consist of crankily silencing the alarm clock, stumbling into the shower, and blindly reaching for whatever breakfast selection requires the least amount of effort. With this level of disdain for the a.m. hours, it can be difficult to face the day with bright-eyed optimism. But being the glass-half-full folks that we are, we’ve found an array of simple pleasures that are guaranteed to help you roll out on the right side of the bed.

Click through for a myriad of ways to jump-start your mornings, from waterproof shower speakers that'll have you belting out your favorite tunes to Elizabeth Arden's new SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster, a skin-care treatment that helps the rest of your regimen work even better. Before you know it, you'll be so ready to rock when morning comes that you may all but forget your snooze button exists.
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This “intelligent alarm clock” app actually analyzes your sleep cycle, promising to gently wake you once you’ve emerged from your deepest sleep phase. We swear it’s the best under-$1 purchase you’ll ever make.
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To keep you from dreading your morning commute, these luxe headphones are large enough to block out everyone on public transit yet chic enough to let you do so in style.
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A little of this skin-care booster goes a long way. Not only does it restore the healthy look of your skin's surface layer — enhancing skin's natural ability to repair and renew itself — it also boosts the results of the serum or moisturizer you apply afterward. Consider it your all-day skin-care fuel.
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Wrap your hair in this super-absorbent towel post-shower to cut blow-drying time in half. Bonus: Its subtle lavender scent will keep your head smelling all sorts of lovely.
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These bathroom speakers are everything — adorably colorful, ultra light, compact, and waterproof. They'll fill your shower with high-impact, 360-degree sound to take your early-morning dance parties to the next level.
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We get it — reading is not fundamental for everyone. With audiobooks, though, you can escape your own morning and listen to the novels your coworkers are buzzing about on your way to the office.
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As fall approaches, mist yourself with an ocean-inspired fragrance each morning, like Margiela’s Replica Beach Walk, to remind you of sandy summer weekends and tropical beach getaways.
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You’ll live for mornings once you’ve had a taste of these homemade salted maple doughnuts. Set your alarm just five minutes earlier to toss a little butter, eggs, and milk into the premade mix, and pop the pan into the oven while you finish getting ready. Once that fresh-baked scent starts wafting, your grumpiness levels will drop instantly.
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Pollutants, heat styling, and general neglect can do a number on your hair. But slap on this deep conditioner for just three minutes (it won't compromise your record for speediest shower ever), and you'll see softer, silkier strands. Did we mention it's less than $3?
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If eco-living is your jam, ditch that drugstore razor for a sustainable one made from renewable and recycled materials. You can feel good about saving the planet one smooth leg at a time.
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You don’t need us to count all the ways coconut oil increases your well-being — or do you? From oil pulling to hair moisturizing to everyday cooking, this practically magical potion can legitimately make your day.
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This sleek hair straightener heats up in just 40 seconds, beeps when it’s ready, and smooths even the most stubborn strands. And no more worrying about whether you turned off your flat iron when you've already bolted out the door — this one shuts off automatically.
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Mornings are all about multitasking and using your getting-ready time as efficiently as possible. Slap these strips on after you've brushed your teeth, and you'll have dazzling pearly whites by the time you're ready to go.

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