Men's Lingerie? You Have To See This Video To Believe It

What looks like a sketch from Saturday Night Life is actually no joke at all. The Frisky brings our attention to an Australian-based men's lingerie (um, mangerie?) company called HommeMystere, which aims to scantily dress the average Joe in your life. You know, your S.O. who loves football and beer and just happens to like the feeling of lace on his skin.
The collection has all the sexy goodness you'd find in a women's boudoir: bras, teddies, camies, thongs — the works. And, the pieces aren't just meant for the bedroom; they are "great for all day wear," too. But, why? "I think more and more men are becoming interested in bras," an executive director of men's lingerie company Wish Room said to The Daily Mail. Hey, to each his own, we say!
So, as if you weren't happy enough that is was Friday, check out this commercial from HommeMystere. And, feel free to share it with your man. Just don't get mad when he starts to stretch out your things... (The Frisky)

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