No More Melted Beauty Products — Ever!

Illustrated By Elliot Salazar.
There’s a special type of despair that’s triggered when TSA confiscates your fancy, full-sized moisturizer after you’ve forgotten it was stored inside in your bag. All those thought-out, self-packed lunches in order to afford that gorgeous cream — and for what, amirite? Sadly, the TSA isn’t the only enemy to your expensive liquids, creams, and gels.

In the summer, miserable heat waves can serve as another leading cause of premature death for our best beauty staples. Lipstick bullets can literally bead up with sweat. Makeup melts. Creams and lotions can separate and become weirdly chunky. Serums straight-up switch color. And the worst part? Your fancy anti-aging products could even lose their efficacy. So, what can you do?

We could rack up a crazy AC bill (and supersize our carbon footprint) by keeping our apartments climate-controlled 24/7 to preserve our beauty stash — if you even have an AC unit. But thankfully, our coterie of beauty pros have better ideas. Ahead, beauty chemists, a celebrity makeup artist, and a dermatologist share the best tips for keeping your beauty products chill and spill hacks for saving weather-worn items if they've already suffered from the heat.

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