Accessories For Medical Boots To Make Your Injury Even More Obvious

A busted foot is no fun, and the recovery process is even less fun — add to that the fact that you have to wear a boot that goes with just about 0% of your clothes, and things start to look really grim. Those of us who've been relegated to the boot life know just how annoying it is to try and figure out what to wear with the clunky, cumbersome boot (that includes deciding what to wear on the other foot, too!).
We know one thing for sure, though: we're not into sticking a fur trim, tulle rosettes, and paisley cover-ups on the bulky eyesore. New product CastMedic is releasing a line of accessories for medical walking boots that take a pretty awesome idea (adding some spice to the pretty fugly boot) and execute it in an unfortunate tween-meets-Michaels way. It's an interesting idea (dressing up casts and boots and other unattractive medical gear), but these designs are hurting us in a whole new way.

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