Really Rad Holiday Gifts, Courtesy Of The Coolest People In L.A.

Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
Like diagnosing an ailment or deep frying a turkey, some things are better left to the experts. And, in a city filled with bold personas and eccentric characters, we think it's fair to add gift-giving to that list. To help cross off those last few what-do-I-gets on your holiday shopping list, we went straight to L.A.'s pros — aesthetically speaking.
From a star on Scandal to a rad musician to a handful of the city's coolest fashion designers, we turned to a wide range of top Angeleno influencers and asked them what they want for the holidays. Ahead, 12 local creatives each share two items from their wish list — one luxe and one budget-friendly steal! Make your lists, check them twice, and no one will ever have to know you enlisted the help of a style authority.
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Photo: Donato Sardella/Getty Images.
Who: Jamie Schneider
What: Celebrity stylist
Worth Mentioning: Clients include Eva Mendes, Ashley Benson, and Abigail Breslin.
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Jamie's Luxe Pick:
"I want a pair of Sorel caribou boots for my New Year's trip to Aspen."
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Jamie's Steal:
"Because you can never have enough cozy socks."
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Photo: Laila Bahman/ BFA NYC.
Who: Soko
What: Musician and actress
Worth Mentioning: The French singer's second album drops in the new year.
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Soko's Luxe Pick:
"This is my absolute dream guitar! It will make the prettiest, deepest sounds and transport me right into feeling like I'm part of the Cure."

Fender Vintage Bass VI Fiesta Red Baritone 6-String Bass Guitar, $6,994.99, available at eBay.
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Soko's Steal:
"I love writing just on a bass and drum machine. I get into such a groove, and I can sit down and write so many songs with just a good beat."

Oberheim DMX 80s Vintage DMX, $64, available at Vintage Synth.
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Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
Who: Claire Thomas
What: Food blogger and mastermind behind The Kitchy Kitchen
Worth Mentioning: Her new cookbook just came out — grab a copy here!
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Claire's Steal:
"A coffee and donuts candy bar, are you kidding me?! Jonathan’s chocolates are always crazy good, but he has outdone himself with his latest line of chocolate bars. Sleek, stylish, and delicious, they are the perfect stocking stuffer, holiday party gift, or personal gift."
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Claire's Luxe Pick:
"Fun, delicious, and inexpensive should not be a 'pick two of the three' situation when it comes to wine. Club W is a wine club for the modern palette, and fantastic for beginner oenophiles. Most bottles are in the $13 range, perfect for a personalized wine club."
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Photo: Stefanie Keenan/ Getty Images.
Who: Estee Stanley
What: Celebrity stylist and interior designer
Worth Mentioning: Clients include Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Lily Aldridge, and Jessica Biel.
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Estee's Luxe Pick:
"I am excited to use Good Eggs for my Hanukkah dinner this year. I don't cook, and this farmers market grocery service is incredible — everything is so fresh and (delivered) right to your door!"
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Estee's Steal:
"As an interior designer, fresh flowers are always the perfect finishing touch for every room. Having flowers overnight straight from the farms in California is my dream."
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Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
Who: Irene Neuwirth
What: Jewelry Designer
Worth Mentioning: She just opened her first boutique on Melrose!
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Irene's Luxe Pick:
"[My boyfriend] Phil just gave me an incredible piece of art from Aaron Morse as an early Christmas present, so I can’t ask for anything!"
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Irene's Steal:
"I would love an afternoon off! I'd take [my dog] Teddy for a hike, go to SoulCycle with instructor Laurie Cole, and then a burger at the Apple Pan."
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Who: Jeremy Fall
What: Creative entrepreneur and the founder of Genesis and Golden Box
Worth Mentioning: He's currently the driving force behind L.A.'s nightlife scene — and he's only 23 years old.
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Jeremy's Luxe Pick:
"This is a unique batch of bourbon that survived extreme temperatures and conditions of a tornado in 2006, which led to a group of barrels that aged rich in flavor."
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Jeremy's Steal:
"This book is a documentation of Area, one of my biggest inspirations in nightclub history — a venue that harbored artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Grace Jones during the '80s in New York City."
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Photo: Courtesy of Katrina Dickson for Jean Stories.
Who: Jesse Kamm
What: Designer at Jesse Kamm
Worth Mentioning: We're dying for a pair of her "Sailor Pants."
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Jesse's Luxe Pick:
"I love everything that these two California gals are doing. I dig the messenger because it is unlike anything I have. It is classic and minimal, and, above all, handsome — just like I like it. I like the green, because it goes with my earth-tone palate."
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Jesse's Steal:
"Victoria makes the most beautiful, delicate, and functional pottery. I have these bowls in my home, but, one recently broke! I think we need to encourage her to make plates, because that would be next on my list!"
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Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
Who: Justina Blakeney
What: Interior designer/stylist, DIY extraordinaire
Worth Mentioning: She's got one of the best Pinterest accounts we've seen.
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Justina's Luxe Pick:
"I love the idea of gifting (and getting!) art for the holidays — these Ghanian barber shop paintings at Project Bly are way too cool."
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Justina's Steal:
"I adore Atelier Stella, and her new collection for West Elm is so adorable — perfect to gift as a set, or even just one! Pop a succulent in one of these sweet little dudes and you're done!"
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Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
Who: Max Wanger
What: Photographer
Worth Mentioning: He shoots everything from Target campaigns to Vans lookbooks to really, really pretty weddings.
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Max's Luxe Pick:
"I travel often, and headphones are a must. I love the design of these, and I love anything that's made with brown leather."
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Max's Steal:
"This simple and beautiful mug would make my tea taste even better."
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Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
Who: Melissa Coker
What: Designer of Wren
Worth Mentioning: Remember Wren's viral video "First Kiss"? Coker was the mastermind behind it.
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Melissa's Luxe Pick:
"I am obsessed with Lizzie Fortunato's Pablo Safari Clutch because the doodley pattern is off the chain. Not only is it an awesome little bag, but it perfectly fits an iPad."
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Melissa's Steal:
"The 1973 tee supports NARAL, New York State's foremost pro-choice advocacy organization. Talk about a gift you can feel good about!"
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Illustrated by Emily Zirimis.
Who: Nikki Erwin
What: Designer of handbag line Donatienne
Worth Mentioning: Her bags have been spotted on everyone from Kate Hudson to Olivia Wilde to Cameron Diaz.
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Nikki's Luxe Pick:
"I'm obsessed with my Fitbit, and the thought of wearing it in style thrills me beyond words. After these were snapped up so quick on first release, I better get one ASAP!"
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Nikki's Steal:
"Last holiday, this candle was gifted to me and I'm obsessed with it."
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Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages/Rex USA.
Who: Katie Lowes
What: Actress
Worth Mentioning: Guys, it's Scandal's Quinn Perkins!
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Katie's Luxe Pick:
"I bought these for a close friend, and I loved them so much that I bought a pair for myself! Oops. I love them because they are perfect for everyday, but they also feel festive for holiday parties!"
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Katie's Steal:
"I love everything at this online boutique! I especially love these beautiful handmade pouches. I use these to organize the inside of my purse. The Peruvian textiles are one-of-a-kind and brighten up my day."

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