This Small Space Has Its Furniture On Wheels For Easy Rearranging

This bright (and teeny) studio apartment is decorated in classic black and white and furnished with a lot of pieces on wheels (makes for easy moving, you know). From the walls to the doors and window frames, almost everything is white — with graphic black accents peppered throughout to bring the whole look together. 

The daring color scheme isn't the easiest look to achieve, but in this less-than-spacious Scandinavian flat, it's everything.
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Most of the furniture is on wheels, making it easy to rearrange the room.

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The contemporary furnishings keep the space looking sleek and tidy — not just tiny.

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The alcove bed is elevated (read: cozy), making room for ample storage.
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The entry hallway doubles as a closet, complete with shoe shelving and neat boxes for keeping everything in its rightful place.
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Oversized light fixtures add a quirky touch and the bold overhead globe is a welcome break from the otherwise black and white room.
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Wall art is sprinkled throughout the space.
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The kitchen may be small, but it's filled with so much energizing natural light.
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Fresh flowers, always.
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In a kitchen this small, the clean white lines keep it from feeling cramped.

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White-painted wood in the hallway/walk-in closet completes the minimalist vibe.

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