Money Mantras That Might Be Hurting Your Finances

Illustrated by Mallory Heyer.
By Jane Bianchi

Whenever you browse Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, you’ll see them: those cheesy life mantras that are meant to provide daily inspiration. You know, things like “Carpe diem!” and “Do what you love!” They’re often laid over majestic images of mountains, dreamy sunsets or kittens with big, adorable eyes. And, while their intention may be chicken soup for your soul, they can be bad news for your bottom line.

That’s because being encouraged to always follow your heart may sound good for, say, a decision about your love life. But, for your money? Not so much. That’s why we’ve rounded up six popular sayings that often make the life-mantra rounds, and then took a hard look at how they could hurt your finances.

We also asked financial pros for their advice on how to get your head out of the clouds — and into a smarter money mindset.

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