The French-Approved Way To Do A Cheese Board

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If we could share our number one never-fail party hors d'oeuvre it would have to be a beautiful cheese platter. That being said, cheese pairing is really important. You can play up textures, flavor notes, similarity, and contrast. We teamed up with the folks over at The Goat Cheeses of France to show you exactly how to pair five cheeses from only one milk (goat) and one region (France). It's amazing to taste the nuanced flavors from such similar cheeses with help from the pairings. Click through to see how it's done!
1. Valençay
Here we're playing with similarity by pairing with pickled beets. We're working with the earthiness by pairing it with a root vegetable, while introducing acid from the pickling to lighten the richness.
2. Florette
We're playing with the texture element of this soft, buttery cheese by pairing with oat- cranberry crisps for a good crunch.
3. Chèvre Bleu (such as Bleu du Bocage)
We're playing with the sweet and salty element of this cheese by pairing it with sweet caramelized walnuts (it's addicting!).
4. Tomme de Chèvre Bathmale
This cheese has a firm texture with a rich and nutty flavor. We got creative and paired it with dark chocolate; it's practically like a savory s'more!
5. Chabichou du Poitou
We're playing up the sweet and salty element again here by pairing this cheese(with notes of nuts and yeast) with a sweet lavender honey.

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