Lauren Conrad Shares One Of Her Go-To Recipes For Entertaining

LCchickenpiesPhoto: Yoni Goldberg/Courtesy of Lauren Conrad.
From her laid-back, effortless style to a fresh, ahead-of-the-trend beauty aesthetic, Lauren Conrad is a girl after our own heart. So, each week, the born-and-bred California girl and editor-in-chief of will share with us her insider secrets and personal musings. Plus, check out her visually stunning guest pinning here! Next up, Lauren shares her fave recipe for mini chicken pot pies.
Throughout my years of throwing dinner parties, I have learned that my menu changes depending on the type of guests I am entertaining. For example, if I’m hosting a girl’s night, I will make sure my recipes are light, healthy, and a bit unique. On the other hand, if I invite couples over to watch a football game, I know that the boys will usually want something a little heartier. Today’s recipe is great because it’s a healthy version of hearty comfort food. Plus, everyone loves it!
Here is my recipe for mini chicken pot pies that are sure to impress your guests at your next get-together.
Mini Chicken Pot Pies
Muffin pan
2 rolls of whole wheat refrigerated biscuit dough
1 cup diced russet potatoes
1 cup diced carrots
1 cup peas
1 cup diced green beans
1 cup diced onion
1 cup roasted chicken, shredded
2 eggs
Salt and pepper for taste
5 cups chicken broth (to make these heartier, use cream of chicken soup)
Click through for the step-by-step instructions!
LCchickenpies2Photo: Yoni Goldberg/Courtesy of Lauren Conrad.
1. Preheat the over to 425 degrees. Then, in a large bowl, mix together your diced vegetables, chicken broth, eggs, and shredded chicken. (For the chicken, I just bought a whole roasted chicken from the market, pulled the meat off the bone, and shredded it.)

2. Take your whole-wheat dough and, using your fingers, divide it into the muffin holes, forming a mini crust in each.
3. Fill each muffin hole with your pot pie mixture. I filled mine up pretty full (but not so they overflowed) because I wanted more filling than dough in my pot pies.
4. Sprinkle a touch of salt and pepper on top of each pot pie.
5. Bake for 25-30 minutes until each one is golden brown. 

It’s pretty simple, and my guests always get excited when I serve these savory treats (especially the boys). I have also tried sautéing my veggies before adding them into the mixture to soften them and give the pot pies a little bit different texture. Both versions are delicious.
Will you give these mini chicken pot pies a try?
If you decide to add any fun ingredients to your pot pies, share your additions below so I can give them a try too.

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