Beauty Cheats: How To Make Over Your Look For Free

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From her laid-back, effortless style to a fresh, ahead-of-the-trend beauty aesthetic, Lauren Conrad is a girl after our own heart. So, each week, the born-and-bred California girl and editor-in-chief of will share with us her insider secrets and personal musings, along with tips from her savvy editorial team. Plus, check out her visually stunning guest pinning here! Next up, Lauren shows us how to switch up your look with minimal effort.
Whoever first coined the famous phrase, “Beauty is pain” was spot-on. Between trips to the hair salon, waxing appointments, and splurging on expensive skincare products, beauty is pain — painfully expensive! However, today I’m going to teach you that doesn’t have to be the case. Whenever I feel stuck in the same old beauty routine, I turn to some foolproof primp tricks I keep in my back pocket. And they always work.
Without further ado, here are five ways to update your look without spending a dime:
1. Change your part
If you always sport a side swept ‘do, mix things up by parting your hair down the middle. Similarly, if you’re a center part kinda gal, go for a deep side part. You'll be surprised how much it changes your facial features. And, the best thing about it is that you can go back to your classic favorite in a matter of seconds. Click here to read my post about finding your perfect part.
2. Try a bold lip or a cat eye
You all know by now that my go-to eye makeup is a swipe of liquid liner on my top lid. I discovered this beauty look because I wasn't a huge fan of eyeshadow and I wanted to try something new. It instantly updated my look, and, as you can see, I haven’t strayed from it since! Using a bold red, coral, or pink lip color can have the same effect. It adds a touch of glamour to your everyday beauty routine. If you don’t have liquid liner or a bright lipstick, you can always visit the beauty counters at your favorite department store and play around with a makeup artist until you find what suits you.
3. Make a mask with things you already have in the kitchen
It’s crazy how many face masks you can make with items you use for cooking your meals everyday. Sounds crazy, I know, but one of my favorite DIY masks is this Greek yogurt mask that calms acne and hydrates dry skin. I’ve also read that you can make a mask by mixing up half an avocado and the juice from half of a lemon, so, grab your leftovers and get to work for refreshed and moisturized skin.
4. Try a natural teeth whitener
Drugstore whitening strips are great for brightening up your pearly whites. But, if you’re looking for a wallet-friendly option, try mixing baking soda and lemon juice into a paste, then brushing it onto your teeth with a toothbrush. Leave the mixture on for about a minute, then brush it off. According to, the baking soda will remove stains from your tooth enamel while the citric acid in the lemon juice will have a bleaching effect.
5. Stand up straight
Many of the best beauty secrets I’ve ever heard have been simple tips that help you not only look your best but feel your best too. Case in point: perfect posture. When I make an effort to stand up straight during the day, I find myself with a perky attitude and a more carefree disposition. Slumping over will do just the opposite, leaving you feeling lethargic and jaded. Stand up straight, ladies.
Do you have any tips for making over your look on a dime? Leave them in the comments below.
XO Lauren

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