The Best (And Worst) Products For Women

Introducing: LadyBits, an ultra-cool collective of tech journalists who look at the world with smart, lady lenses. And since we're always in the market for the best stuff out there, we'll be featuring their know-how on the regular.
As a tech journalist, I come across a lot of products on a daily basis. I regularly seek out the latest and greatest gadgets to ensure I am always at the top of my game. Some might say I have a mild tech addiction, but I prefer to think of it as my civic duty to explore cutting-edge technologies. It’s usually also really fun, but on the flip side, I get bombarded by a lot of “hot new” products that are more on the WTF side than the OMG side. The items that make me facepalm the hardest come from marketers who attempt to appeal to my woman-ness.
Two months ago I founded LadyBits, a media group consisting of tech-savvy women and feminist men, so we could create the content we want to consume. We felt we needed to address the weird idea so prevalent in the mainstream media that technology is just for men. As Alexis Madrigal pointed out in The Atlantic last year, tech companies should be bending over backwards to appeal to women if they knew what was good for them. “Follow the money and follow the users: you'll find yourself in a female-dominated landscape.”
Here’s a look at some of the products and companies we love, and others that make us shake our heads in disbelief that anyone could have possibly ever thought that was a good idea. If you have actual good ideas, or have seen lol-worthy terrible ones we should know about, email us at
Founder, LadyBits
This post was authored by Arikia Millikan. Jacqueline Mirell, Tessa Miller, and Lauren Appelwick contributed to this post.

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