Kids Clothes That Adults Can Wear, Too!

It’s been a (long, long) while since we slipped into an ensemble from the kids' department, usually putting on a fashion show for mom in the fitting room and mixing stripes with plaid with ruffles because, hey, why not! Embrace that adventurous spirit and hear us out: Children's clothes can still be your best friends, even today. We took some inspiration from mega celeb stylist, Nicole Chavez, who once divulged to The Coveteur that she rocks pieces from the kiddie section. Perhaps our legs are a bit longer, our waists aren’t quite child-sized, and we’ve way outgrown our training bras, but we still figured out these five easy and accessible tricks that'll let us pull off children’s clothing (and save a little cash in the process). We can't promise they will work for every body type, but dust off your imagination and give it a try anyway. Your inner child, and yes, even your wallet, will thank you.
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Little boys' clothing will often be cut "with room to grow into it," as moms say. We love the idea of sourcing blazers from the youngun's department. Simply roll up the sleeves and opt for that shrunken-blazer look that we already love anyway.

Zara Tweed Blazer With Pocket, $55.90, available at Zara.
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Oversized cuts or anything not slim-fit can work well for a wide range of sizes. Something like a cape or flowing top will allow a little extra wiggle room to fit us old fogies. Added bonus: You can score serious designer threads, like this beautiful Stella McCartney cape, that would have been much priced higher in the women's department.

Stella McCartney Kids Khaki Florence reversible Cape, $235, available at Alex And Alexa.
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Button-down tops for young boys can look amazing on us older gals, too. Since you will likely struggle to cover your entire sleeve or midriff, the best trick is to roll up the sleeves and pair the button-down with higher-waisted skirts or pants to combat the shorter waist.

Burberry Boys' Woven Cjeck Shirt, $185, available at Bloomingdales.
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Skirts for tots are generally not cut booty-shaking-ly short, so they can still work for your wardrobe. Mix it with a pair of tights and no one will know the difference. Disclaimer: This may not work for the woman who has a more generous derrière.

J.Crew Girls' Sequin Shimmer Skirt, $118, available at J.Crew.
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Cardigans from the kids' section can work for most adults. Sure, it may be a snug-fit cardi, but the buttons allow for you to leave your sweater swung open so no one will be the wiser.

AE77 Electric Stripe Cardigan, $23.70, available at AE.

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